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  *送* | 送* | *送
to deliver / to carry / to give (as a present) / to present (with) / to see off / to send
distribution / delivery
to transmit / to dispatch / to issue (an official document or credential)
to convey / to deliver
to present as a gift
to transport / to convey / to deliver
to send / to give as a present
to deliver goods
server push (computing)
picking up and dropping off / greeting and sending off / shuttle (transport service)
to deliver / to serve notice (law)
to send / to deliver / to distribute
to broadcast / to announce over loudspeakers
to transport / to carry
to transfer (a case, a person, files etc)
to recommend (for admission to school)
to hand over / to deliver
conveyor belt
to send / to transmit
to escort / to accompany
to send out / fast food delivered
buy one, get one free / two for the price of one
to give a present
to throw away one's life
to make a copy (and send it to someone) / Cc (for email) / Carbon Copy (for email)
to see someone off / to throw someone a send-off party
to see off / to send off
to send (a message) / to deliver
conveyor belt / transmission belt
to send or deliver to the hospital
lit. to send charcoal in snowy weather (idiom) / fig. to provide help in sb's hour of need
to see off / to send off
to send to / to deliver to / to give sb a lift (e.g. in a car)
don't bother to see me out
to follow with one's eyes (a departing guest etc)
to pass (sth) on (to sb else) / to transfer sb (to another hospital etc)
(honorific) to give
to make use of one's position to gain profit for oneself or one's associates
to send word / to deliver a letter
to select and send over
a share grant
to send under escort / to transport a detainee
to see a visitor out
send / distribute
home delivery
to participate in funeral procession / to attend a burial
to seize and send (to court, to face punishment)
to broadcast / to transmit / to beam
to hold a funeral procession and burial / to give sb a final send-off / (fig.) to ruin (one's future prospects etc)
evacuation (military)
to pay one's last respects
aspiration (phonetics, explosion of breath on consonants distinguishing Chinese p, t from b, d)
to send away / to deport / to repatriate
farewell party
to wash the medicine down
to return / to give back / to send back / to repatriate
to present (a gift) / offering / to feed (a signal to a device, paper to a printer etc)
to throw oneself in sb's arms / to throw oneself at sb
delivery address
to present / to render
lit. to meet those arriving, to send of those departing (idiom); busy entertaining guests / all time taken over with social niceties
to place out for adoption
the cool autumn breeze (idiom)
to see one's child die before oneself
to cast flirtatious glances at sb (idiom)
fax transmission
to look after one's aged parents and arrange proper burial after they die
it's easier to invite the devil in than to send him away
dowry / to give as a dowry / to accompany sb
goose feather sent from afar (idiom); a trifling present with a weighty thought behind it
to launch into space
NHK (Nihon Hōsō Kyōkai), Japanese national broadcasting company
delivery service
to deport
to cast flirtatious glances at sb (idiom)
transmission power / output power
goose feather sent from afar, a trifling present with a weighty thought behind it (idiom); It's not the gift that counts, but the thought behind it.
usher out the old, greet the new / esp. to see in the New Year
hypertext transfer protocol (HTTP)
to send back
luggage conveyor belt / carousel
to bring to justice / to hand over to the law
to be looked after in life and given a proper burial thereafter (idiom)
Bcc (for email) / Blind carbon copy (for email)
Asahi Broadcasting Corporation (ABC)
(dialect) to tell / to inform
to send into orbit
(formal) to inform by letter / to submit in writing
goose feather sent from afar, a slight present but weighty meaning (idiom); It's not the present the counts, it's the thought behind it.
to include (as a free gift, when buying sth) / to come with
evacuation hospital (military)
shower (for bride, baby etc)
goose feather sent from afar, a slight present but weighty meaning (idiom); It's not the present the counts, it's the thought behind it.
to forfeit (future profit, one's life etc) / ruined
optical transmitter
home delivery of meal

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