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  *退* | 退* | *退
to retreat / to decline / to move back / to withdraw
to recoil / to draw back / to fall back / to retreat
(of a mobile app) to crash on startup / to crash
to guarantee refund (for faulty or unsatisfactory goods)
to ebb / to go down / to decline
to beat back / to repel
to wane / to vanish gradually
to retreat
to fall back / to go in reverse
to try to persuade sb to give up (their job, plans etc)
to dismiss / to discharge / to fire
to advance or retreat / knowing when to come and when to leave / a sense of propriety
to decline / to fall / to drop / to falter / a decline / recession (in economics)
(economic) recession
to revert (computing) / to return (a package or letter) to the sender
to retire (from society, esp. from politics) / to vanish
to retreat in defeat
to leave early (before the stipulated finishing time) / to retire early (from one's job)
to escape unscathed / to get through in one piece
withdrawal from the Communist Party, the Communist Youth League, and the Young Pioneers of China
like rowing a boat upstream, if you stop moving forward you fall back (idiom)
to beat back / to repel / to repulse
to petition for retirement (old) / to ask for leave to withdraw / to ask to be excused
to sound out the difficulties and retreat to avoid defeat (idiom); fig. to back out of an awkward situation / to get out on finding out what it's really like
to retire from office / to resign
to retreat again and again in defeat / to suffer defeat after defeat
without a retreat route / caught in a dead end / having burned one's bridges
to dismiss from a post
fast-rewind (media player)
Study is like rowing upstream: no advance is to drop back
to send away / to dismiss (servants etc) / to retire from public life
not knowing when to come or leave (idiom); with no sense of propriety
to dismiss (from a post) / to expel from school / to order away (servants etc)
to demote / to dismiss
entering the Way, you seem to coil back (Laozi 老子, the Book of Dao 道德经, Chap. 41) / progress in the Dao can seem illusory
contented / uninterested in wealth and glory
to hinder / to prevent (forward progress)

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