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fan (ball sports) / CL: 個|个
to lose consciousness / to be in a coma / stupor / coma / stunned / disoriented
to be fascinated / to be captivated
  *迷* | 迷* | *迷
to bewilder / crazy about / fan / enthusiast / lost / confused
to be engrossed / to be absorbed with / to lose oneself in / to be addicted to
film enthusiast / movie fan / CL: 個|个
music fan
infatuated / obsessed
fan of a singer
blurred (landscape etc) / low (spirits) / in a slump (economy)
to be fascinated / to be enchanted
to be obsessive / to persist obstinately
money grubber / miser
football fan
lit. dazzling with paper and gold (idiom); fig. indulging in a life of luxury
Harry Potter fan (slang)
pained and bewildered
dreary and fuzzy (sight)
ecstatic / enraptured
baseball fan
to be in a state of delirium
stamp collector / philatelist
to lose one's way / to get lost (on the road etc)
to be dazzled and stunned (idiom)
wine doesn't make men drunk: men get themselves intoxicated. Lust does not overpower men: men surrender themselves to lust
crazy about sex / lecherous / horny
crazy about sex / lecherous / horny

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