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  *远* | 远* | *远
far / distant / remote / (intensifier in a comparison) by far / much (lower etc)
forever / eternal
distant / remote
to drift apart / to become estranged / to alienate / estrangement
a heavy load and a long road / fig. to bear heavy responsibilities through a long struggle (cf Confucian Analects, 8.7)
  *远* | 远* | *远
to distance oneself from (classical)
Qingyuan prefecture level city in Guangdong
long-term / long-range
far-reaching / profound and long-lasting
remote / far from civilization
furthest / most distant / at maximum distance
distant / by far
Anyuan county in Ganzhou 贛州|赣州, Jiangxi
old / ancient / far away
Kaiyuan county level city in Honghe Hani and Yi autonomous prefecture, Yunnan
tranquility yields transcendence (idiom); quiet life of profound study / cf Still waters run deep.
very far away
Huaiyuan county in Bengbu 蚌埠, Anhui
abbr. for 中遠集團|中远集团, COSCO (China Ocean Shipping Company)
long jump (athletics)
inferior / not up to par / to fall far short / to be mistaken
Dingyuan county in Chuzhou 滁州, Anhui
gradually proceed, gradually get further apart
Zhaoyuan county level city in Yantai 煙台|烟台, Shandong
to digress / to get sidetracked / to go off on a tangent
far from the center / remote / outlying
Weiyuan county in Neijiang 內江|内江, Sichuan
Ningyuan county in Yongzhou 永州, Hunan
to stand tall and see far (idiom); taking the long and broad view / acute foresight
Zhenyuan county in Qiandongnan Miao and Dong autonomous prefecture 黔東南州|黔东南州, Guizhou
Jingyuan county in Baiyin 白銀|白银, Gansu
Pingyuan county in Meizhou 梅州, Guangdong
distant / far away / remote
long time ago / distant / far away
standing long jump
long and arduous journey (idiom)
distant / far-flung
to bite off more than one can chew (idiom) / to aim too high
Fuyuan county in Kiamusze or Jiamusi city 佳木斯, Heilongjiang
to pay careful attention to one's parents' funerary rites
Ma Zhiyuan (c. 1250-1321), Yuan dynasty dramatist in the 雜劇|杂剧 tradition of musical comedy, one of the Four Great Yuan Dramatists 元曲四大家
for ever and ever
old name for district of Hohhot city 呼和浩特, Inner Mongolia
ancient history
deep / profound
profound / abstruse mystery
Jerry Yang (1968-), Taiwan-US millionaire and creator of Yahoo
lit. the sky is high and the emperor is far away (idiom) / fig. remote places are beyond the reach of the central government
triple jump (athletics) / hop, skip and jump
poles apart (idiom) / entirely different
the implied message is deep (idiom); having deep implications
remote and faraway
distantly remote / also written 邈遠|邈远
simple words with a profound meaning (idiom)
to cast far from oneself / to leave sb far behind / to outdistance
Li Huaiyuan (-756), senior Tang dynasty official
Torobiawan, one of the indigenous peoples of Taiwan
very far away

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