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  *进* | 进* | *进
to go forward / to advance / to go in / to enter / to put in / to submit / to take in / to admit / (math.) base of a number system / classifier for sections in a building or residential compound
to promote (an idea or cause) / to advance / boost
to improve / to make better / CL: 個|个
advanced (technology) / to advance
to make progress / to do better / fig. ambitious to improve oneself / to move forwards
to impel / to carry forward / to push on / to advance / to drive forward
to enter
to recommend / to introduce (from outside)
to go forward / to forge ahead / to advance / onward
to put into
to follow / to follow up
Wujin district of Changzhou city 常州市, Jiangsu
radical / extreme / extremist
to step in / to stride forward / to forge ahead
"please come in"
to promote / to enhance / to further / to advance (a cause etc)
to breach / to invade
less advanced / underdeveloped / lagging behind / the younger generation / the less experienced ones
abreast of modern developments / to keep up with the times / progressive / timely
to advance bravely / to endeavor
to advance together
to leap forward / to make rapid progress / a leap forward
evolution / gradual forward progress
in sequence, step by step (idiom); to make steady progress incrementally
gradual progress / to go forward one stage at a time
to advance / forward motion
to burst in
solid progress
to purchase / to buy in (goods)
to set foot in / to tread (in or on) / to walk into
to plunge into / to jump into
hyperfunction (medical)
progress / to advance
to get into / to dig into (studies, job etc) / to squeeze into
fast-forward (media player)
to insert / to stick in / to plug in (an electronic device)
to forge ahead vigorously / to dedicate oneself to progress
to rush in / to charge in
binary (math.)
decimal / calculations to base 10
progress step by step / gradual progress / to move forward (slowly)
to drag in
to make progress while ensuring stability
to gain entry by passing an exam / to be admitted to (a college etc)
Great Leap Forward (1958-1960), Mao's attempt to modernize China's economy, which resulted in economic devastation, and millions of deaths from famine caused by misguided policies
to advance by leaps and bounds
to go forward together (idiom); to undertake simultaneous tasks / going hand in hand
to spill / to overflow (of water, crowds) / to crowd (into a space)
progressive (taxation etc)
to break into / to force one's way into / to barge into
to storm (a city etc) / to raid
to inhale / to breathe in
to advance singing loudly (idiom); triumphant progress
to make progress / progress
to add / to mix in / to incorporate
to advance / to rush forward
to infiltrate / to sneak into
Hu Xijin (1960-), editor of the "Global Times" 環球時報|环球时报 since 2005
to fall into / to dip below a certain level
embedded / embedding
hyperthyroidism / abbr. to 甲亢
to plunge into / to run headlong into
to sneak in / to infiltrate
to advance prematurely
not improving / backward / below par
to advance boldly / to push ahead vigorously
concave / recessed / dented
every day sees new developments (idiom) / to make constant progress
antigen (medicine)
to crawl forward
nuclear propulsion
to get through by luck / to be promoted by a fluke
uneven / in disorder / everything sticking out
jet propulsion

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