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to go back and forth / to go to and fro / round trip
to return to / to come (or go) back
  *返* | 返* | *返
to return (to)
to return to
restitution / return of something to its original owner / remittance
to return to one's home town
to return to school
return journey (e.g. home)
to do poorly done work over again / (Guangdong dialect) to go to work
to linger / to remain enjoying oneself and forget to go home
to repatriate (e.g. prisoners of war) / to send back
to turn back
to return to the point of departure
to return without any achievement (idiom); to go home with one's tail between one's legs
to return to one's true self / to regain the natural state
final radiance of setting sun / fig. dying flash (of lucidity or activity, prior to demise)
to rehire retired personnel
to return / to go back / to come back
to get back on the right path / to mend one's ways
(of clothing, furniture, walls etc) to get damp (by absorbing moisture from the air or the ground)
(of plants) to turn green again / to revegetate
ingrained habits are hard to overcome (idiom); bad old practices die hard
to recover one's youthful vigor / to feel rejuvenated (idiom)
sales bonus / affiliate reward / rebate / commission
to come back / to return
to send back
gone forever
dealer incentive / sales bonus / rebate
"shopping coupon scalper", sb who sells unwanted or returned shopping coupons to others for a profit
to return to one's country
to return home
to resume one's former position / to return to work
to return to Hong Kong
(neologism c. 2009) to give a cashback reward to a consumer
atavism (biology)
to return to Taiwan
grain bought by the state and resold to areas undergoing a grain shortage
to go astray and to not know how to get back on the right path (idiom)

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