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  *近* | 近* | *近
near / close to / approximately
recently / soon / nearest
nearby; neighboring / (in the) vicinity (of); neighborhood
to approach / to get close to
the not-very-distant past / modern times, excluding recent decades / (in the context of Chinese history) the period from the Opium Wars until the May 4th Movement (mid-19th century to 1919) / capitalist times (pre-1949)
nearby / in a close neighborhood
almost / nearly / close to
recently / lately
seeking instant benefit (idiom); shortsighted vision, looking only for fast return
near in time / in the near future / very soon / recent
near / to approach
recent year(s)
amiable and approachable (idiom); easygoing / modest and unassuming / (of writing) plain and simple / easy to understand
suburbs / outskirts
close to / approaching
similar / about the same as / approximately / approximation
to press on towards / to close in on / to approach / to draw near
shortsighted / nearsighted / myopia
close / similar to
to approach / to draw near to
shortcut / a quicker method
close to / intimate
far and near / distance
synonym / close equivalent expression
coastal waters / offshore
intimate / to get close to
to be almost within reach / to be close at hand
to come close / to get near to / front
recent photo
neighboring / adjacent / near / vicinity
to be on the brink of / to be on the verge of
recent developments / current situation
a genre of poetry, developed in the Tang Dynasty, characterized by its strict form
to approach / to lean close to
right under one's nose / right in front of one's eyes / close at hand / imminent
close relative / near relation
not amenable to reason / unreasonable
to approach / to press in
close neighbor
lit. a pavilion near the water (idiom); fig. using one's proximity to the powerful to obtain favor
Near East
to approach gradually
contemporary / modern person / close friend / associate / intimate
to approach / to get close to / to sneak up on / near to
those who handle cinnabar are stained red; those who work with ink are stained black (idiom) / you are the product of your environment
He who gives no thought to far-flung problems soon finds suffering nearby (idiom, from Analects). / Smug concentration on the here and now will lead to future sorrow.
low Earth orbit (LEO)
to approach (a numerical value) / to converge to a limit (in calculus) / convergence
(in) the past few days / recently / (within) the next few days
member of a monarch's inner ministerial circle (old)
near ancient history (often taken to mean Song, Yuan, Ming and Qing times)
close; near / similar to
(math.) asymptote
immediate cause / proximate cause
analgin (loanword)
perihelion, the nearest point of a planet in elliptic orbit to the sun / lower apsis
to be close to
Prince KONOE Fumimaro (1891-), Japanese nobleman and militarist politician, prime minister 1937-1939 and 1940-1941
simple words with a profound meaning (idiom)
old variant of 晚近
erhua variant of 抄近
Kondō (Japanese surname)
to press close to / to snuggle close / intimate
on the brink
for the past few years
modern history and contemporary history
recently / of late
with little learning
to worm one's way into being friends with sb (usually derogatory)
to love learning is akin to knowledge, to study diligently is akin to benevolence, to know shame is akin to courage (Confucius)
to take a shortcut
to take a shortcut
to pull sb close to oneself / (fig.) (typically followed by 距離|距离) to bridge (the distance between people) (i.e. to build a closer relationship)
to bring (people) closer together
most recent in the past / recent / late / recently
the last few years / last several years / recent years
to aim low / to aim to get by / without lofty ambition
to sneak up on
to be focused on short-term gain
Xi Jinping (1953-), PRC politician, General Secretary of the CCP from 2012, president of the PRC from 2013
to revere the past and despise the present (idiom)
modern history (for China, from the Opium Wars until the fall of the Qing Dynasty, i.e. mid-19th to early 20th century)
order of approximation
approximate solution
low beam (headlights)
near-Earth object (NEO)
apsis / perigee
(computing) near-field communication (NFC)
(Tw) (computing) near-field communication (NFC)
in recent years

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