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to move / to exercise / sports / exercise / motion / movement / campaign / CL: 場|场
to transport / to carry / transportation
to use / to put to use
fate / destiny / CL: 個|个
fortunate / lucky / fortune / luck
luck (good or bad)
to move along one's course (of celestial bodies etc) / (fig.) to function / to be in operation / (of a train service etc) to operate / to run / (of a computer) to run
to perform calculations / (mathematical) operation
to consign (goods) / to check through (baggage)
to be in operation / to do business / (of train, bus etc) to be in service / operation / service
passenger transportation / (Tw) intercity bus
  *运* | 运* | *运
to move / to transport / to use / to apply / fortune / luck / fate
freight / transport / portage / to transport / to carry
freight fee
to operate / operations / workings / activities (usu. of an organization) / thread (computing)
athlete / CL: , 個|个
sports competition / CL: 個|个
operator (of a power station, transport network etc) / carrier (telecommunications etc)
abbr. for 奧林匹克運動會|奥林匹克运动会 / Olympic Games / the Olympics
sports / physical culture
freight transport / cargo / transported goods
to transport / to carry
chief operating officer (COO)
PRC Ministry of Transport (MOT)
(increased) passenger transportation around Chinese New Year
horoscope / one's fortune
lucky draw / lottery
running / operation (of airport, bus service, business etc)
to provide transport / to accept the Mandate of Heaven / to acknowledge one's calling to be emperor
Yuncheng prefecture level city in Shanxi 山西
run-time (in computing)
to work / to operate / to revolve / to turn around
shipping by sea
abbr. for 奧林匹克運動會|奥林匹克运动会 / Olympic Games / the Olympics
sports shoes / sneakers
good luck
to escort (goods or funds) / to convey under guard
to forward goods / to ship / to distribute / transshipment / a lucky break / change of fortune (for the better)
operational state / running state
shipping / transport
student movement
to plan / operations / logistics
sports field / playground / exercise yard
to carry / to convey / delivery / supply
transport network
freight or cargo transportation
Asian Games
transportation industry
operand (math.)
international transport agency
Mandate of Heaven / the Grand Canal, 1800 km from Beijing to Hangzhou, built starting from 486 BC / usually written 大運河|大运河
to ship / shipment
air transport
water sports / aquatic motion / movement over water
to emerge to meet a historic destiny (idiom) / to arise at an opportune time / able to take advantage of an opportunity / to rise to the occasion
variant of 啟運|启运
operations research (OR)
variant of 紅運|红运
through transport / through traffic jointly organized by different enterprises
to meet with luck / to hand over for transportation / to check (one's baggage at an airport etc)
waterborne transport
to dribble (basketball, soccer etc)
shipment / to dispatch / to ship out / to send
(Western-style) horoscope
sea freight / shipping
May Fourth Movement / Chinese national renewal movement that started with 4th May 1919 protest against the Treaty of Versailles
carrier rocket
one's fortune (in astrology)
Yuncheng prefecture level city in Shanxi 山西
luck with the ladies / a romance / good luck
bad luck / misfortune / adversity
the Grand Canal, 1800 km from Beijing to Hangzhou, built starting from 486 BC
rules of calculation (addition, subtraction, multiplication and division) / algorithm / fig. to scheme / to calculate (i.e. plot)
Asian Games
bus transport
fare / transport cost
chief operating officer (COO)
Olympic Games / the Olympics
track and field sports
land transport
extreme sport
working capital
ill luck / misfortune
Yunhe District of Cangzhou City 滄州市|沧州市, Hebei
lit. to devise battle plan in a tent (idiom) / fig. planning strategies
Olympic Village
peasant movement (abbr. for 農民運動|农民运动)
liberation movement
rotation / rotary motion
volume of freight
to have good luck / lucky / in luck
distribution depot / staging post / transit center
winner / lucky guy / person who always gets good breaks
driver (of a taxi etc) (loanword from Japanese) (Tw)

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