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right side / right, to the right
lateral / side / to the side / beside
left / the left side / to the left of
periphery / rim / surroundings / all around / perimeter / peripheral (computing) / spin-offs
  *边* | 边* | *边
side / edge / margin / border / boundary / CL: 個|个 / simultaneously
  *边* | 边* | *边
suffix of a noun of locality
at one's side / on hand
one side / either side / on the one hand / on the other hand / doing while
over there / yonder
river bank
this side / here
either side / both sides
coast / seaside / seashore / beach
Phnom Penh, capital of Cambodia
Yanbian Korean Autonomous Prefecture 延邊朝鮮族自治州|延边朝鲜族自治州 in Jilin province 吉林省 in northeast China, capital Yanji city 延吉市
Jingbian County in Yulin 榆林, Shaanxi
lace / decorative border
curb / roadside / wayside
edge / border / to edge (with lace, embroidery etc)
four sides
river bank
the top / above / overhead / upwards / the top margin / above-mentioned / those higher up
under / the underside / below
east / east side / eastern part / to the east of
horizon / ends of the earth / remotest places
west / west side / western part / to the west of
back / rear / behind
Mabian Yizu autonomous county in Sichuan
to keep to the side / to pull over / move aside!
half of sth / one side of sth
north / north side / northern part / to the north of
on hand / at hand
Dingbian County in Yulin 榆林, Shaanxi
lesbian (slang) (loanword)
front / the front side / in front of
edge of the water / waterside / shore (of sea, lake or river)
(textiles, papermaking etc) raw edge; rough edge
south / south side / southern part / to the south of
to have a connection with / to be close (to reality) / to be relevant / to have one's hand in
sloping side / hypotenuse (of a right-angled triangle)
Yanbian county in Panzhihua 攀枝花, south Sichuan
base (of a triangle) / base line / hem line (of skirt)
to garrison the border / to guard the frontier / exile to a border garrison post
relevant / to the point / has sth to do with the matter (also used with negative)
(of a dress etc) border, edging
Laobian district of Yingkou City 營口市|营口市, Liaoning
welt / facing (of a garment) / to be relevant
to help develop the border areas
to keep to the edge (of path, river etc) / fig. to keep out of trouble / to avoid getting involved
Watanabe (Japanese surname)
(of a dress etc) border, edging
ornamental border
(page) margin
Yongbyon (Ryeongbyeon), site of North Korean nuclear reactor
outside / outer surface / abroad / place other than one's home
to make light contact with the edge of sth / (fig.) to be nearly (a certain age); to be close to (danger) / (fig.) to be marginal (in terms of relevance or legality)
rim / protruding edge
to keep saying (sth) over and over
(fig.) (slang) to stick one's nose in other people's affairs (i.e. the scope of other people's business that one concerns oneself with is as wide as an ocean vista)
near / beside
variant of 太平洋週邊|太平洋周边, Pacific Rim
Pacific Rim
to keep close to the edge / near the mark / close to (the true figure) / relevant (used with negative to mean totally irrelevant)
to hem / hem / to curl (at the edge)
irrelevant / can't make head or tail of
Linpien township in Pingtung County 屏東縣|屏东县, Taiwan
Willow palisade across Liaoning, 17th century barrier
close to the border / along the border
without boundary / not bordered
lace border (loanword)
to be on the verge of saying what is on one's mind

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