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to import / to input
to transport / to carry / transportation
to export / to output
  *输* | 输* | *输
to lose / to transport / to donate / to enter (a password)
to transmit / transmission
input method
to transport / to convey / to deliver
data transmission
freight or cargo transportation
PRC Ministry of Transport (MOT)
win or loss / outcome
Fallopian tube / oviduct
conveyor belt
to lose to (sb) / to be outdone by
five stroke input method for Chinese characters by numbered strokes, invented by Wang Yongmin 王永民 in 1983
to concede / to admit defeat
to transfuse blood / to give aid and support
to concede / to admit defeat / to admit sth is wrong after insisting it is right
electricity transmission / to transmit electricity
transmission facility / transmission equipment
power output (of an electrical device etc)
transport service
intravenous infusion / to get put on an IV
transport ship
transmission rate
pipeline transport
to lose
transmission rate / transmission speed
to inject / infusion
to imbue with / to inculcate / to instill into / to teach / to impart / to channel water to another place
transmission distance
to make use of one's position to gain profit for oneself or one's associates
transport layer
transmission control
transfer mode / transmission method
input device (computer)
volume of freight
transmission medium
export item / product for export
public transport (Tw)
to take defeat with bad grace / to be a sore loser / cannot afford to lose
input system / data entry system
petroleum pipeline
transport channel
transmission technology
data transmission
(sediment) transport
International Air Transport Association (IATA)
pipe / pipeline
transmission line
variant of 服輸|服输
quantity of sand (transported by a river) / sediment content
vas deferens
transport ship
pay every ten days, give tribute every month (idiom); incessant and ever more complicated demands
China Air Transport Association (CATA)
Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC)
China Communications and Transportation Association (CCTA)
to transport / transportation
invisible export
lose-lose (situation) / (of the two sides involved) to both be disadvantaged
belt conveyor
transport network
lit. if you agree to bet you must accept to lose / fig. you bet, you pay
transmission medium
vas efferens
transfer protocol / transportation protocol
asynchronous transfer mode / ATM
ink supply mechanism
One careless move and the whole game is lost. (idiom)
to be in the wrong
asynchronous transfer mode / ATM
peak power output (of an electrical device etc)
to donate generously (idiom)
axonal transport
transmission control protocol / TCP
transport medium
Boshiamy (Hoklo: 無甚物 it's nothing) input method for Chinese
hypertext transfer protocol / HTTP
hypertext transfer protocol / HTTP
File Transfer Protocol (FTP)
transport method

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