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to compare / to contrast / comparatively / relatively / quite / comparison
to pit oneself against sb / to compete with sb / contest / battle / to haggle / to quibble
to bother about / to haggle / to bicker / to argue / plan / stratagem
  *较* | 较* | *较
to compare / to dispute / compared to / (before adj.) relatively / comparatively / rather / also pr. [jiao3]
comparatively large
comparatively / relatively / fairly
to compare
range (the difference between the lowest and highest values)
mediocre / rather poor / not specially good
comparative analysis
comparative degree
serious / in earnest
to compete against / to measure oneself against / to go head to head (see who is best)
to match one's strength with / to compete / more competitive / to set oneself against sb / disobliging / to make a special effort
comparative literature
to haggle over every ounce / (fig.) to fuss over minor matters / to split hairs
comparatively speaking
military drill ground / same as 校場|校场
annual range (temperature, humidity etc)
diurnal range (temperature, humidity etc)
obvious / prominent / standing out
to haggle over every cent (idiom)
comparatively (colloquial) / fairly / quite / rather / relatively
erhua variant of 較真|较真
erhua variant of 較勁|较劲
clearly / evidently / markedly
obvious / clear for all to see
approximately / roughly / about
absolute (not liable to comparative degree)
to bicker at length over a trivial matter (idiom)
to compare long and short / to compare the pros and cons
to compare long and short / to compare the pros and cons

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