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  *轻* | 轻* | *轻
light / easy / gentle / soft / reckless / unimportant / frivolous / small in number / unstressed / neutral / to disparage
light / gentle / relaxed / effortless / uncomplicated / to relax / to take things less seriously
easily / lightly / rashly
contempt / contemptuous / to despise / to scorn / scornful
to play a critical role (idiom) / influential
young people / youngster
light engineering
light music
light industry
lightly / softly
to lighten / to ease / to alleviate
to easily trust / gullible / naïve
lightweight and portable / light and convenient
slight / light / trivial / to a small extent
light (weight) / frivolous / a philanderer / to scorn / disrespectful
light (machinery, aircraft etc)
mild (symptoms etc)
graceful / lithe / light and graceful / lighthearted / relaxed
severity (of the case) / degree of seriousness / whether sth is slight or serious
lightweight (boxing etc)
quietly / softly / neutral tone / light stress
dexterous / deft / easy / light and easy to use / nimble / agile / lithe / graceful
light and quick / brisk / spry / lively / effortless / relaxed / agile / blithe
light rail / transit system (underground, at street level or elevated) / streetcar / metro / abbr. for 輕型軌道交通|轻型轨道交通
treat sth lightly / to lower one's guard
to contempt / to disdain / pejorative
soft / gentle / pliable
to make more youthful / to promote younger staff
easy / with no difficulty
lightly wounded / minor injuries
to nibble
breeze / light wind
to be lenient (in sentencing)
to belittle / to scorn / to take sth lightly
a suicide / to commit suicide
to sketch in light shades / to play down / to deemphasize (idiom)
to beat easily / to gain an easy victory
light muslin / gauze
less serious case / in less severe cases
young and promising
to stroke lightly / to caress
light as a goose feather (idiom); trifling / unimportant
light cavalry / light motorcycle / moped
slight or important, urgent or non-urgent (idiom); to deal with important matters first / sense of priority
frivolous / careless / giddy
to value males and attach less importance to females (idiom)
light as a feather
light meal / snack
cavalier / offhand / reckless
frivolous / coquettish
quick and skillful / agile
light weapon
tap / hit lightly
lit. an easy drive on a familiar path (idiom); fig. experience makes progress easy / a task that is so familiar one can do it with one's hand tied behind one's back
lepton (particle physics)
to underestimate the enemy
to forgive easily / to let off lightly (often with negative: you won't get away with it)
full of youthful vigor (idiom) / in the prime of youth
lit. to drive a lightweight chariot on a familiar road (idiom) / fig. to do sth routinely and with ease / a walk in the park
to act blindly without thinking (idiom)
top-heavy / fig. unbalance in organization or political structure
light element (such as hydrogen)
heavy on form, light on substance / to stress form at the expense of content
light machine gun
to speak softly / to whisper (idiom)
paying more attention to a lover than friends (idiom) / to value sex over friendship
(to move or do sth) softly and quietly (idiom)
light on one's feet / nimble / agile
as lithe as a swallow (of athlete or beautiful girl)
young and vigorous (idiom)
not to forgive easily / not to let off / (You, He) won't get away with it!
goose feather sent from afar, a trifling present with a weighty thought behind it (idiom); It's not the gift that counts, but the thought behind it.
light water (as opposed to heavy water) / see light water reactor 輕水反應堆|轻水反应堆
sharp and clear / crisp / melodious / ringing / tinkling / silvery (of sound) / fragile / frail / also written 清脆
to value letters and belittle arms (idiom); to stress civil matters and neglect the military / to prefer the pen to the sword
lit. not knowing what's important (idiom); no appreciation of the gravity of things / naive / doesn't know who's who / no sense of priorities
petty crime / misdemeanor
real men do not easily cry (idiom)
(of an official) to travel with little luggage and just a small escort / to travel without ostentation
to look down upon
(idiom) what lowly people think counts for little
Hong Kong LRT (Light Rail Transit) (abbr. for 輕便鐵路|轻便铁路)
to speak softly
to avoid the important and dwell on the trivial / to keep silent about major charges while admitting minor ones
light petroleum (product) / gasoline and diesel oil
to belittle oneself / self-contempt
scholars tend to disparage one another (idiom)
relaxed / easy
to value righteousness rather than material gain (idiom)
putting green (golf)
to slight / to scorn
goose feather sent from afar, a trifling present with a weighty thought behind it (idiom); It's not the gift that counts, but the thought behind it.
to value material gain over righteousness
to invert the importance of things (i.e. stress the unimportant and neglect the important) / lacking a sense of perspective / to put the cart before the horse
light petroleum product (i.e. gasoline and diesel oil)

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