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  *转* | 转* | *转
to turn / to change direction / to transfer / to forward (mail) / (Internet) to share (sb else's content)
  *转* | 转* | *转
to revolve / to turn / to circle about / to walk about / classifier for revolutions (per minute etc): revs, rpm / classifier for repeated actions
to rotate / to circulate (cash, stock etc) / turnover / circulation / cash flow
to reverse / to turn around (an undesirable situation) / (mechanics) torsion
to rotate / to revolve / to spin / to whirl
  *转* | 转* | *转
to approve and forward / to endorse / stamp "approved for distribution"
(computing) to jump to (a new location in a hypertext document)
to know all the ins and outs of sth / to get to know (a place) inside out
to turn back / to reverse
to work / to operate / to revolve / to turn around
reversal / inversion / to reverse / to invert (upside down, inside out, back to front, white to black etc)
to be on the move / to roam or wander / to circulate (of goods or capital)
to improve / to take a turn for the better / improvement
to stroll
(voice, music) suave / mellow / (speech) indirect / tactful
to toss about in bed / from person to person / indirectly / to wander
to turn around
to turn right
to spin / to rotate / to revolve
to go round and round / running around in circles / fig. frantically busy
genre of song-and-dance duet popular in northeast China
to reassign sb to a different job / to turn around / to change direction / to make a U turn
the mountain road twists around each new peak (idiom) / (of a mountain road) twisting and turning / fig. an opportunity has come unexpectedly / things have taken a new turn
to turn left
to rotate
the time comes, fortune turns (idiom); to have a lucky break / things change for the better
the sky spins, the earth goes round (idiom); giddy with one's head spinning / fig. huge changes in the world
to shift / to transfer
orbital revolution
to make an about-turn; to reverse one's direction, policy, sequence etc; to turn things on their head
(of time, or a video clip etc) to run in reverse / Taiwan pr. [dao4 zhuan3]
to turn left (Shanghainese)
sinuous / meandering / to take a circuitous route / to toss about / vicissitudes / variant of 婉轉|婉转
to turn right (Shanghainese)
lit. to continuously revolve / to work non-stop / to work around the clock (idiom)
to rotate / to turn round / slalom
to revolve / to rotate / rotation
reflex (angle) / to turn back
reflex (angle) / to turn back
to transmit a document (up or down a chain of bureaucracy)
lit. the Big Dipper 北斗星 has turned and the stars have moved / time flies / also written 斗轉星移|斗转星移
to demobilize / to transfer to other tasks (of troops)
to change (train or plane) / transfer / correspondence
to roll / to turn over / to invert / to flip
deflection (physics) / deviation (away from a straight line)
it's a small world / only mountains never meet
to whirl / to turn around quickly
lit. the sky shakes and the ground revolves / momentous changes are underway (idiom)
variant of 輾轉|辗转
to turn / to turn around / to transfer (funds etc)
(theater) blackout (e.g. at the end of a scene) / (literary) to be promoted in rank secretly
the Wheel turns constantly (idiom); Buddhist teaching will overcome everything
can't handle it / can't find any way (of doing sth) / not up to the task
can handle it / up to the task
lit. pearl flows, jade moves on (idiom); fig. the passage of time / water under the bridge
cash flow
cash flow
(medicine) testicular torsion
to fool / to dupe
to turn away / to turn one's back to / (gymnastics etc) backspin
to rotate about an axis / axis of rotation (math.)
fortunes rise and fall / times change
to spin rapidly; to whirl around / (of time) to fly by

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