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to act in a way that defeats one's purpose (idiom)
  *辙* | 辙* | *辙
rut; track of a wheel (Taiwan pr. [che4]) / (coll.) the direction of traffic / a rhyme (of a song, poem etc) / (dialect) (usu. after or 沒|没) way; idea
lit. to follow in the tracks of an overturned cart (idiom) / fig. to follow a path that led to failure in the past / to repeat a disastrous mistake
at one's wit's end / unable to find a way out
the tracks of a cart that overturned / (fig.) a path that led to failure in the past
wheel rut; vehicle track
lit. a fish in a dried-out rut (idiom) / fig. a person in dire straits
change of string, move out of rut (idiom); dramatic change of direction / to dance to a different tune
on the same track / in agreement / rhyming
complete change from the old rut (idiom); dramatic change of direction / a volte-face / to change old practices
to look for a pretext
Su Zhe (1039-1112), Song writer and politician, one of the Three Su's 三蘇|三苏 and also one of the Eight Giants 唐宋八大家
erhua variant of 合轍|合辙
to be precisely the same / to be no different
to drive non-stop as fast as one can (idiom)
rut (made by vehicles) / (fig.) conventional ways
to help each other out in hard times (idiom)

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