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  *轴* | 轴* | *轴
axis / axle / spool (for thread) / roller (for scrolls) / classifier for calligraphy rolls etc
  *轴* | 轴* | *轴
see 壓軸戲|压轴戏 / Taiwan pr. [zhou2]
(mechanical) bearing
central axis (line)
scroll (book or painting)
axis / principal axis (in mechanics, optics, botany etc) / main axle (of engine)
coaxial / concentric
axle / (fig.) central element / key element / axis (alliance of nations)
vertical scroll (painting or calligraphy) / vertical shaft (of a machine)
axis of rotation
axis / (bicycle) bottom bracket
ball bearing
main bearing
character scroll / scroll painting
vertical shaft / (math.) vertical axis
axle / CL:
the Axis of Evil
number line
pivot / fulcrum
horizontal shaft / horizontal axis (math.)
thread spool
lit. to continuously revolve / to work non-stop / to work around the clock (idiom)
hanging scroll (calligraphy or painting)
cubical system (crystallography) / crystal system based on cubic lattice / equiaxial crystal system
wheel and axle (mechanism) / axle
the earth's axis
next-to-last item on a program (theater) / climax
axoneme (long thread of nerve cell)
axonal transport
axis / axial
axial ratio
axis of symmetry / central axis (in Chinese architecture)
central axis (line)
drive shaft
semiaxis / half axle
semiaxis / radius
coaxial circular arc / concentric arc (in spherical geometry)
coaxial cable
scroll painting
last item on a program (theater)
coordinate axis
back axle (of car)
central axis / spindle
oblique axes (math.)
axis of rotation
time axis / timeline
polar axis (x-axis in polar coordinates)
arbor / shaft (in a machine)
positive semiaxis (in coordinate geometry)
roller bearing
person in power / important official
(mechanics) coupler / coupling
(mechanics) coupling
axis of rotation
honewort / Cryptotaenia japonica
Axis powers (World War II)
pin bearing
to rotate about an axis / axis of rotation (math.)
axon (long thin axis of nerve cell)
axis of rotation (mechanics) / spindle
erhua variant of 轉軸|转轴

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