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track (for trains etc) / orbit (of a satellite) / (fig.) a person's established path in life / desired trajectory (of a business or other endeavor) / (audio engineering) track / (quantum mechanics) orbital
locus / orbit / trajectory / track
rail / railroad track / CL:
derailment (railway accident) / to leave the rails / fig. to overstep bounds / fig. to have an extramarital affair
(mechanics) guide rail / slideway
light rail / transit system (underground, at street level or elevated) / streetcar / metro / abbr. for 輕型軌道交通|轻型轨道交通
railtrack connection / to integrate into sth / to dock / to connect / to be in step with / to bring into line with / to align
steel rail
tracked (tramcar)
the right track
to leave the rails / to derail / to jump the track
double-track / parallel tracks / dual-track (system)
sound track / track number (e.g. on a CD)
low Earth orbit (LEO)
to run off the track / to step out of line / to overstep the bounds of propriety
to change track
to lay railway track
caterpillar track (propulsion system used on bulldozers etc)
track (railroad, streetcar etc)
normal practice
long-established rules of conduct
to lie across the railway tracks (to commit suicide or to prevent trains from getting through)
standard / criterion
(Tw) (quantum mechanics) orbital
(railway) guard rail
to follow in the steps of
  *轨* | 轨* | *轨
course / path / track / rail
to stay on track / to proceed smoothly
to enter orbit
circular orbit (in astronomy and in astronautics)
earth orbit
streetcar / tramcar / tram
sleeper / tie
trackball (computing)
metro / rapid transit / subway
orbiting space station
orbital module / orbital cabin
manned orbiting space station
light rail / transit system (underground, at street level or elevated) / streetcar / metro / abbr. to 輕軌|轻轨
to send into orbit
dual pension scheme (PRC)

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