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to exercise / to keep fit / to work out / physical exercise
to (carry) on one's person / to (take) with one
itself / in itself / per se
lifelong / all one's life / marriage
all over / from head to foot
to be born of / to come from / family background / class origin
  *身* | 身* | *身
body / life / oneself / personally / one's morality and conduct / the main part of a structure or body / pregnant / classifier for sets of clothes: suit, twinset / Kangxi radical 158
unmarried / single
body of automobile
itself / oneself / one's own
to show oneself / to appear / (of a deity) to appear in the flesh
(of a person) to turn round / to face about / (of a widow) to remarry (archaic)
worn next to the skin / close-fitting / personal (servant etc)
forerunner / predecessor / precursor / previous incarnation (Buddhism) / jacket front
whole body / em (typography)
to place oneself / to stay
incarnation / reincarnation / embodiment (of abstract idea) / personification
to take sb's measurements / to measure sb up
person / personal / human body
to get up / to leave / to set forth
to hide oneself / invisible (person or online status)
personal / oneself
body of a vehicle or machine / fuselage of a plane
to strengthen one's body / to keep fit / to build up one's health (through exercise, nutrition etc)
to warm up (sports) / (fig.) to prepare / to get in condition
whole body
stand-in / substitute / body double / stuntman / scapegoat / fall guy / to stand in for sb else
upper part of the body
to cultivate one's moral character / (fashion) slim-fit / body-hugging
to rise (in society)
to get away / to escape (from obligations) / to free oneself / to disengage
to hide / to go into hiding / to take refuge
alone / by oneself
to throw oneself into sth
lower part of the body / genitalia / trousers
to turn over (when lying) / (fig.) to free oneself / to emancipate oneself / to bring about a change of one's fortunes
never been in a romantic relationship
to lean over / to bend over / to stoop / to bow
to dash on bravely with no thought of personal safety (idiom); undaunted by dangers / regardless of perils
(of an illness, debt etc) to plague sb / to preoccupy sb / difficult to get rid of
to give one's life
to bow
to spare time for a separate task / doppelgänger / sockpuppet (Internet slang)
to bury a corpse / to be buried / (fig.) to die (at sea, in a fire etc)
covered all over
to purify one's body (i.e. to get castrated)
corporeal body
sword blade
(to stand or move) sideways
to commit one's energy to / to devote oneself to / to sacrifice one's life for / (coll.) (of a woman) to give one's virginity to
one's own (respective) / proprietary
lit. the salted fish turns over (idiom) / fig. to experience a reversal of fortune
the real body (of Buddha or a God) / true effigy
lit. to shake one's body / refers to abrupt transformation / same as 搖身一變|摇身一变
lower half of one's body / Lower Body (Chinese poetry movement of the early 21st century)
to tattoo
lit. pull one hair and the whole body moves / fig. a slight change will affect everything else / the butterfly effect
direct / concerning oneself / personal
self-protection / to defend oneself
to prostitute oneself / to sell oneself into slavery
to be all alone in the world
alone / lonely
to invite trouble
to move quickly / to vault / flying tackle
a wise man looks after his own hide (idiom) / to put one's own safety before matters of principle
to go on a journey / to leave
to possess / to be occupied or burdened with (work, a contract, a lawsuit)
the upper body
to leap / to spring / to throw oneself
to use an opponent's own methods to obtain retribution (idiom, from Song dynasty neo-Confucianist Zhu Xi 朱熹); to get revenge by playing sb back at his own game / to give sb a taste of his own medicine
to give oneself wholly to / to put oneself at sb's service / (of a woman) to give one's body to / to marry
stir up the fire and you get burnt (idiom); to get one's fingers burnt / fig. to suffer on account of one's own meddling
to get away from / to withdraw / to free oneself
to dodge
to make one's home / to take shelter
nowhere to hide
unmarried / single
to lose one's virginity / to lose one's chastity
to get oneself promoted to a higher rank
to find a place where one can fit in / to make one's home / to seek shelter
hull / body of a ship
to straighten one's back
to bind oneself / submission
column shaft (architecture)
human head, snake's body / cf Nüwa 女媧氏|女娲氏 and Fuxi 伏羲氏 in some versions of mythology
to pledge eternal love (idiom) / to exchange marriage vows
to make a pledge to be married, without parents' approval
it's always good to have more skills (idiom)
burning with desire
to do a body search / to frisk
(old) to stand up (after kowtowing) / You may rise.
to half rise out of one's chair (a polite gesture)
over the whole body
Shiing-Shen Chern (1911-2004), Chinese-American mathematician

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