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  *跳* | 跳* | *跳
to jump / to hop / to skip over / to bounce / to palpitate
heartbeat / pulse
startled / to frighten / scared out of one's skin
to bounce / to jump / to leap
bouncing and vivacious
to leap and frisk about (idiom); lively / healthy and active
to hop / to jump
to hop / to jump on one leg
lit. chickens flying and dogs jumping (idiom) / fig. in chaos / in disarray
triple jump (athletics) / hop, skip and jump
lit. heart alarmed, body leaping (idiom); fear and trepidation in the face of disaster
to shy (away) / to give a start
to jump about / (of the heart) to beat wildly
twitching of eye
The heart thumps wildly. (idiom)
glowing with health and vivacity (idiom)
pole-vaulting / also written 撐桿跳|撑杆跳
variant of 心怦怦跳
to bound forward / to bound along
bungee jumping (Tw)
burpee (loanword)
to jump on one foot / to hop

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