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  *跑* | 跑* | *跑
(of an animal) to paw (the ground)
  *跑* | 跑* | *跑
to run / to run away / to escape / to run around (on errands etc) / (of a gas or liquid) to leak or evaporate / (verb complement) away / off
to run
to flee from sth / to run away / to escape
to take the lead in a race / to set the pace
to run fast / to sprint / to gallop / Gee up! / Run for it!
supercar / abbr. for 超級跑車|超级跑车
race (running) / to race (running)
long-distance running
to run around all over the place
jogging / to jog / to canter / a slow trot
to scare away
to start running / the start of a race
sprint (race)
to jump the gun / to make a false start
cross country running
to drive away / to force out / to repel
to run up (pole vault, javelin, bowling etc) / approach / run-up / (aviation) takeoff run
to race against time
to run off rebuffed / to fend off / (to fight off and make sb) run off
to run like the wind / to rush / to gallop
to run this way and that (idiom); to rush about busily / to bustle about
steeplechase (athletics)
to trot
to run away / to escape
100-meter dash
middle distance race
relay race
to run quickly / to rush / to gallop
cross-country running

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