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  *跌* | 跌* | *跌
to fall / to tumble / to trip / (of prices etc) to drop / Taiwan pr. [die2]
rise or fall in price
to fall / to tumble
uninhibited / free and unconstrained / rhythmical
decline (in value) / extent of a drop
to fall / to drop
(economics) to slump / steep fall (in value etc)
(of a market index etc) to fall below (a given level) / to be injured or damaged as a result of a fall
to tumble / to fall / fig. to suffer a reverse (in politics or business)
injury such as contusion, sprain or fracture from falling, blow etc
to stagger along
to fall in price
(fig.) to be astounded
daily lower limit on the price of a stock
limit up, limit down / limit on daily price variation
large fall
crazy fall (in prices)
to fall into / to dip below a certain level
drop of height in waterway / staircase of waterfalls
drop sharply (e.g. stock prices)
falling stock prices / bear market
to fall to
(fig.) to be astounded
to tumble / to stumble and fall
to continue to fall (of share prices)
to be taken aback
to fall and fracture (a leg, vertebra etc)
to fall back (of water level or share prices)
variant of 跌宕
to fall down / to take a fall
(coll.) to lose face
to stamp one's foot (in anger)
to take a fall
to fall flat on one's face / (martial arts) pouncing and falling (i.e. all kinds of moves)
falling prices / bear market
precipitous drop (in price)
to dodder along
to hit rock bottom (idiom)
great market fall / market crash
lit. stamping and beating the chest (idiom); fig. angry or stressed about sth
stumbling along
variant of 跌跤
flowing (of prose) / free

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