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trend; tendency
  *趨* | 趨* | *趨
to hasten / to hurry / to walk fast / to approach / to tend towards / to converge
general trend / irresistible trend
to approach (a numerical value) / to converge to a limit (in calculus) / convergence
direction; trend / to incline
to tend towards
to seek luck and avoid calamity (idiom)
(increasing) day by day / (more critical) with every passing day / gradually
to rush like ducks (idiom); the mob scrabbles madly for sth unobtainable / an unruly crowd on a wild goose chase
to ingratiate oneself
to blindly follow suit (idiom) / to imitate slavishly / to do what everyone else is doing
(idiom) to make the most of the benefits while avoiding adverse effects
to curry favor (idiom); playing up to those in power / social climbing
to follow fashion
to fawn on / to kiss up to
to slow down / to ease up / to abate / slowdown / downturn
an upturn / an upward trend
upward trend / rising tendency
more critical with every passing day
to become more and more / to gradually become
increasingly / more and more
a cold tendency / a freeze (in relations)
cooling / a cold spell
driving force
chemotaxis (movement of leukocytes under chemical stimulus)
to converge

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