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  *超* | 超* | *超
to exceed / to overtake / to surpass / to transcend / to pass / to cross / ultra- / super-
Premier League / England Premier Soccer League
excellent / superlative
to overtake
B-mode ultrasonography / prenatal ultrasound scan / abbr. for B型超聲|B型超声
color Doppler imaging (CDI) (medicine)
Ma Chao (176-222), general of Shu in Romance of the Three Kingdoms
Liang Qichao (1873-1929), influential journalist and a leader of the failed reform movement of 1898
trade surplus / favorable balance of trade
to reverse (the score) / to pull off a comeback / to take the lead
Wu Mengchao (1922-), Chinese medical scientist and surgeon specializing in liver and gallbladder disorders
Deng Yingchao (1904-1992), Chinese communist leader, wife of Zhou Enlai 周恩來|周恩来
trade deficit / import surplus
Ban Chao (33-102), noted Han diplomat and military man
hyper- / ultra-

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