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  *起* | 起* | *起
to rise / to raise / to get up / to set out / to start / to appear / to launch / to initiate (action) / to draft / to establish / to get (from a depot or counter) / verb suffix, to start / starting from (a time, place, price etc) / classifier for occurrences or unpredictable events: case, instance / classifier for groups: batch, group
in the same place / together / with / altogether (in total)
to give rise to / to lead to / to cause / to arouse
to originate / to initiate / to launch (an attack, an initiative etc) / to start / to propose sth (for the first time)
unworthy / to let down / I'm sorry / excuse me / pardon me / if you please / sorry? (please repeat)
to rise abruptly (to a towering position) / to tower over / to spring up / to emerge suddenly / the emergence (e.g. of a power)
to rise / to spring up / to burgeon / to be aroused / to come into vogue
to recall / to think of / to call to mind
to waken (to action) / to rouse (the masses) / to evoke (attention, recollection etc)
to mention / to bring up (a subject) / with regard to / as for
amazing / terrific / extraordinary
to raise / to hoist / to rise
to lift / to raise in height / to begin / upsurge / to set off (a campaign)
to mention / to speak of / to lift / to pick up / to arouse / to raise (a topic, a heavy weight, one's fist, one's spirits etc)
to heave / to lift / to raise up / to uphold
to lift up
to erect (a tent etc) / to prick up (one's ears) / to raise (one's eyebrows) / to stick up (one's thumb) / to turn up (one's collar) / (of a bird) to puff up (one's feathers)
compared with
to arouse / to evoke / to cause / to stir up
to look down upon / to despise
to evoke / to induce / to call to mind / to pick up with a hook
convex / protruding / to protrude / to bulge / to buckle upwards
to provoke / to stir up / to incite
to pick up
cannot afford / can't afford buying
to summon one's (courage, faith etc) / to puff up (one's cheeks etc) / to bulge / to swell out
(slang) it's just the pits! / so unfair! / unbearable
to raise one's head / to perk up
can't afford to offend / dare not provoke / difficult to deal with / insufferable
to ignite / to light / fig. to spark off (hopes, controversy, flames of revolution)
to look down upon / to hold in contempt
to be able to withstand / to be able to endure
to appear / to emerge / to surface
not to let sb down / to treat sb fairly / be worthy of
to purse / to pucker (up)
to hang up (a picture etc) / to hoist up (a flag) / (computing) to suspend (a process) / (of a system) to hang / pending (operation)
variant of 捲起|卷起
to roll up / to curl up / (of dust etc) to swirl up
to stick up / to point sth up
to get together
to recall / to recollect
to rise vigorously / a spirited start
Wu Qi (440-381 BC), military leader and politician of the Warring States Period (475-220 BC), author of Wuzi 吳子|吴子, one of the Seven Military Classics of ancient China 武經七書|武经七书
Wuqi county in Yan'an 延安, Shaanxi
can't stand it / to be unable to bear / to be unable to resist
to spring up everywhere / from all around
to appear suddenly / projection / bit sticking out
to swell / to bulge
(cry of encouragement) / to arise / to stand up / to gain the ascendancy / Come on!
to emerge as a new force to be reckoned with (idiom)
continuously arising / to arise repeatedly
to rise high / to spring up
to well up / to boil out / to bubble forth / to spurt
lit. to return to office after living as a hermit on Mount Dongshan (idiom); fig. to make a comeback
erection / to have an erection
Bai Qi (-258 BC), famous general of Qin 秦國|秦国, the victor at 長平|长平 in 260 BC / same as 公孫起|公孙起
to hoist
to get up on hind legs (esp. of horse) / to stand / to spring up
to raise / to lift up (curtains, clothing etc)
each new high point replaced by another / (of a movie etc) one climax after another
to originate
to float / to emerge
to pick up (from the ground with one's hands)
to show respect for / to think highly of
to shut
to be unable to stand
to take defeat with bad grace / to be a sore loser / cannot afford to lose
to jump up suddenly / to bound up / to rise up in one bound
to start in surprise / to give a jolt of surprise
early to bed, early to rise / to keep early hours
to associate / to think of
before the first wave subsides, a new wave rises (idiom); a new problem arises before the old is solved / many twists and turns to a story / one thing after another
cannot afford / cannot bear the burden
Qian Qi (c. 710-780), Tang Dynasty poet
fire beacons on all sides (idiom); enveloped in the flames of war
to feel unconcerned and let matters rest (idiom)
to surround / to encircle / to enclose / to fence in
lit. fire beacons in all four directions (idiom); the confusion of war
towering buildings are built up from the ground (idiom) / great oaks from little acorns grow
to pick up
lit. to slap the table and stand up (idiom); fig. at the end of one's tether / unable to take it any more
to fall gravely ill, never to recover (idiom)
can't avoid / can't hide from / unavoidable
to be unable to pay / unaffordable
to be able to pay / affordable
(of a group of people) to rush into action
to get up early
Gongsun Qi (-258 BC), famous general of Qin 秦國|秦国, the victor at 長平|长平 in 260 BC / same as Bai Qi 白起
(literary) to mushroom / to flourish
to swarm / to rise in masses
to arise again / to make a comeback / resurgence
the fire of war in all four directions (idiom); the confusion of war
to appear on the scene / to arise suddenly
lit. arising suddenly above the level ground (idiom); sudden emergence of prominent new feature
the autumn breeze comes gently (idiom)
to bear / to shoulder (responsibilities etc)

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