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  *赵* | 赵* | *赵
surname Zhao / one of the seven states during the Warring States Period (476-220 BC) / the Former Zhao 前趙 (304-329) and Later Zhao 後趙 (319-350), states of the Sixteen Kingdoms
  *赵* | 赵* | *赵
to surpass (old)
Zhao Wei or Vicky Zhao (1976-), Chinese film star
Zhao Benshan (1958-), universally known PRC TV comedian
Zhao Yun (-229), general of Shu in Romance of the Three Kingdoms
Yan and Zhao, two of the Warring States in Hebei and Shanxi / beautiful women / women dancers and singers
Zhao County in Shijiazhuang 石家莊|石家庄, Hebei
Zhao Leji (1957-), member of the Politburo Standing Committee and Secretary of the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection
Zhao, one of the seven states during the Warring States Period of Chinese history (475-220 BC)
Zhao Yi (1727-1814), Qing dynasty poet and historian, one of Three great poets of the Qianlong era 乾嘉三大家
army of Zhao 趙國|赵国 during the Warring States
Former Zhao of the Sixteen Kingdoms (304-329)
Zhao Kuangyin, personal name of founding Song emperor Song Taizu 宋太祖 (927-976)
Zhao Gou, personal name of the tenth Song Emperor Gaozong 高宗
Zhao Ye, Han dynasty historian, author of History of the Southern States Wu and Yue 吳越春秋|吴越春秋
Yanzhao Metropolis Daily
Zhaozhou Bridge over Xiao River 洨河 in Zhao county 趙縣|赵县, Shijiazhuang, Hebei, dating back to the Sui dynasty 隋代 (581-617) and the world's oldest extant stone arch bridge
Zhao Ziyang (1919-2005), PRC reforming politician, general secretary of Chinese Communist Party 1987-1989, held under house arrest from 1989 to his death, and non-person since then
lit. to return the jade annulus to Zhao (idiom); fig. to return something intact to its rightful owner
Later Zhao of the Sixteen Kingdoms (319-350)
Zhao Gao (?-207 BC), one of the most vile, corrupt and powerful eunuchs in Chinese history, responsible for the fall of Qin Dynasty
lit. to besiege and rescue 趙|赵 (idiom) / fig. to relieve a besieged ally by attacking the home base of the besiegers
Zhao Kuo (-260 BC), hapless general of Zhao 趙國|赵国, who famously led an army of 400,000 to total annihilation at battle of Changping 長平之戰|长平之战 in 260 BC / also called Ma Fuzi 馬服子|马服子
Zhao Shuli (1906-1970), proletarian novelist
Zhao Qi (-201 BC), early Han commentator on Mencius 孟子
Yuen Ren Chao (1892-1982), Chinese-American linguist
Zhao Zhongyao (1902-1998), Chinese pioneer nuclear physicist
Song dynasty (960-1279) / used to distinguish it from 劉宋|刘宋 Song of Southern dynasties (420-479)
four proverbial names / Tom, Dick and Harry
King Huiwen of Zhao 趙國|赵国, reigned 298-266 BC during the Warring States Period
knight of the Zhao State / generic term for a knight-errant
Zhao Erxun (1844-1927), modern historian, compiled the Draft History of the Qing dynasty 清史稿
anyone / Mr Average / any Tom, Dick or Harry

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