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  *走* | 走* | *走
to walk / to go / to run / to move (of vehicle) / to visit / to leave / to go away / to die (euph.) / from / through / away (in compound verbs, such as 撤走) / to change (shape, form, meaning)
to walk
to carry / to take away
to swim away
to wander about / to roam / to move back and forth between (government and academia, two or more countries etc) / to flow through (a circuit, a network, the body) / to skirt (the border of legality) / (of a singer's voice) to move within its range / (of a stock price) to fluctuate within (a range)
to drive out / to turn back
to snatch (esp related to a robbery)
to arrest
to leave home / to go off / to run away
to slip away / to leave secretly
to carry
to take away
to snatch away
Stay a bit! / Wait a minute! / (to a departing guest) Take care!
to escape / to flee / to run away
before leaving / on departure
to drive away
to abduct / to kidnap
to lead by the nose
to run this way and that (idiom); to rush about busily / to bustle about / to hopscotch / also 東跑西顛|东跑西颠
to go (of car, train etc) / to drive off
to run / to rush about / to be on the go
to see off / to send off
hard to get to / difficult to travel (i.e. the road is bad)
nowhere to go / at the end of one's tether
to release / to set free / to allow (a person or an animal) to go / to liberate
to remove / to take away
to run away (in defeat)
walking race (athletics event)
to drag away
to escape / to flee / to run away
to retire / to remove / to withdraw / to evacuate
to steal (sb's heart)
to drive away
to lead (sb, or an animal) away / to collect (e.g. a child left in sb's care beforehand) / to take away
to flush away
bon voyage / Godspeed
to scamper / to scurry
to drive out / to oust
to get round fast / to spread like wildfire
lit. if you can't eat it all, you'll have to take it home (idiom) / fig. you'll have to take the consequences
to turn on one's heels / to walk away abruptly
to march at parade step / March! (military command)
to float away / to drift / to be swept off
to drain away / to vent out
pedestrian group (e.g. of tourists etc)
to send sb away (with an excuse)
(coll.) to take (sth) away / to get rid of
to leave home (to live somewhere else)
to turn away / to drive away
to fly high and run far (idiom); to leave in a hurry for a distance place
out of control / berserk / to go for a long walk
march at ease / route step
to hustle sb away

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