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  *走* | 走* | *走
to walk / to go / to run / to move (of vehicle) / to visit / to leave / to go away / to die (euph.) / from / through / away (in compound verbs, such as 撤走) / to change (shape, form, meaning)
corridor / aisle / hallway / passageway / veranda
birds and animals / the beasts of the field and the birds of the air
to leak (of information, liquid etc) / to divulge
tendency / trend / path
to enter
to walk past / to pass by
to walk
to visit / to travel to
to carry / to take away
direction / strike (i.e. angle of inclination in geology) / inclination / trend / to move towards / to head for
to approach / to draw near to
to be popular / to be in luck / to have good luck / to develop smoothly
walking corpse (idiom) / zombie / person who lives only on the material level
to slip away / to leave secretly
to swim away
to wander about / to roam / to move back and forth between (government and academia, two or more countries etc) / to flow through (a circuit, a network, the body) / to skirt (the border of legality) / (of a singer's voice) to move within its range / (of a stock price) to fluctuate within (a range)
to take an indirect route / to waste one's time by using an inappropriate method
to snatch (esp related to a robbery)
to go the wrong way / to take the wrong (road, exit etc)
to drive out / to turn back
to walk into
to walk around / to move about / to stretch one's legs / to go for a walk / to be mobile (e.g. after an illness) / to visit one another / to pay a visit (go to the toilet)
to leave / to walk away / to beat it / to move aside
(coll.) to leave / to beat it
to snatch away
to leave home / to go off / to run away
to smuggle / to have an illicit affair
to walk / to go on foot
(neologism c. 2012) (interjection of encouragement) Let’s do this! / Come on, you can do this!
to ride (a horse) / to go on horseback
lost / missing / to lose (sb in one's charge) / to get lost / to wander away / to lose (flavor, freshness, shape, hair, one's good looks etc) / to lose meaning (in translation)
to cheat (sb out of sth) / to swindle (sb out of sth)
to see off / to send off
before leaving / on departure
to wander off / to get lost
to arrest
(of a watch or clock) to keep time / (physics) propagation time / travel time (of a wave)
to carry
to attend school as a day student
to go off accidentally / to catch fire
pavement / sidewalk / path / walk / footpath / aisle
absent-minded / one's mind is wandering
to be at an impasse (idiom) / in a tight spot / at the end of one's rope / desperate
to take a risk out of desperation (idiom)
to go (of car, train etc) / to drive off
lit. to follow one road until dark (idiom) / fig. to stick to one's ways / to cling to one's course
to be obsessed with sth / to go overboard / (Buddhism, Taoism) to misguidedly focus on hallucinations that arise during meditation
Stay a bit! / Wait a minute! / (to a departing guest) Take care!
to escape / to flee / to run away
wait and see (who is right)
lit. flower viewing from horseback (idiom); a fleeting glance in passing / fig. superficial understanding from cursory observation / to make a quick judgment based on inadequate information
to turn back / to backtrack / (fig.) to revert to the former way of doing things
man seeks his way up just as water seeks its way down (idiom) / one should constantly strive to make progress
to make an error of judgment / to be taken in
to lead (sb, or an animal) away / to collect (e.g. a child left in sb's care beforehand) / to take away
to have good luck / lucky / in luck
hunting dog / hound / (fig.) running dog / lackey
to lose shape / to deform
Jian Zoupianfeng, pseudonym of prolific modern novelist
the sword moves with side stroke (modern idiom) / fig. unexpected winning move / unconventional gambit
to go downhill / to decline / to slump
lantern with carousel of paper horses, rotating under convection, used at Lantern Festival 元宵節|元宵节 / fig. constant busy circulation of people
to go through the motions
to go far / to escape to faraway places
(a product) sells well / to be in demand
to take care / to be mindful / (Internet slang) to be moved by sth / poignant / to have deep feelings for sb / to lose one's heart to sb
to walk a tightrope (literally or figuratively)
to drive away
to leave first (courteous expression used to excuse oneself) / (euphemism) to predecease / to die first (e.g. before one's spouse)
Hexi Corridor (or Gansu Corridor), a string of oases running the length of Gansu, forming part of the Northern Silk Road
to drag away
to run away (in defeat)
to lead by the nose
to wander off / to stray / to get lost
hard to get to / difficult to travel (i.e. the road is bad)
(med) retractile testicle / infatuation inducing / pee inducing (of alcohol) / (neologism) to be sexually attracted / to have the hots for sb
to drive away
to run / to rush about / to be on the go
(four-footed) animal / beast
a mistake / an oversight / an error of judgment
to walk / to step / pace / traveling (walking with the ball, a foul in basketball)
lit. to enter by the back door / fig. to gain influence by pull or unofficial channels / back door or under the counter connections
to leap onto roofs and vault over walls (usually associated with martial arts)
to shoot accidentally while polishing a gun / (fig.) a minor incident that sparks a war
to visit one's friends and relatives
lit. if you can't eat it all, you'll have to take it home (idiom) / fig. you'll have to take the consequences
to visit relatives
to leave
to retire / to remove / to withdraw / to evacuate
to travel extensively
to take away
to abduct / to kidnap
to walk over (to)
to drive out / to oust
walking race (athletics event)
lit. when people leave, the tea cools (idiom) / fig. when sb is no longer in a position of power, others cease to care about him
to get round fast / to spread like wildfire
to turn on one's heels / to walk away abruptly
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