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  *赛* | 赛* | *赛
to compete / competition / match / to surpass / better than / superior to / to excel
competition (sports etc) / match / CL: 場|场, / to compete
auto race / cycle race / race car
competition (e.g. sporting)
race / competition / CL: 個|个
(sports) league / league tournament
finals (of a competition)
season (sports)
competition schedule / the course of a race
racetrack / field (for athletics competition)
finals (sports)
to compete / to take part in a competition
horse race / horse racing
to start a match / the kick-off
friendly match / friendly competition
championship contest / championships
Homer's Odyssey
a playoff
race course
(sports) open championship / open (as in "the US Open")
race (running) / to race (running)
mosaic (loanword) / pixelation
stadium / playing field for a competition
Marseille, city in south France / Basay, one of the indigenous peoples of Taiwan
invitation tournament (e.g. between schools or firms)
world championship
preliminary competition / to hold preliminary heats
a knockout competition
Seth (name)
sports match / ballgame / CL: 場|场
exhibition game
preliminary contest / initial heats of a competition
(sports) overtime / extra time / play-off
soccer match / soccer competition
duel / match / competition between paired opponents (e.g. sporting)
arms race / armament(s) race
(sports) semifinal or quarterfinal / to compete in a semifinal (or a quarterfinal)
competitor / CL:
qualifying round (in sports)
Versailles (near Paris)
marathon race
rally (car race) (loanword)
racing driver
sporting competition
motor racetrack / cycle racetrack
Saihan District of Hohhot City 呼和浩特市, Inner Mongolia
exhibition match
sporting event / item on program of sports competition
single-elimination open tournament (the winner stays on until he is himself defeated)
round-robin tournament
relay race / CL: 場|场
additional competition / play-off / decider
to race dragon boats
cycle race
Koenigsegg (car manufacturer)
Saihan District of Hohhot City 呼和浩特市, Inner Mongolia
boat race / racing ship or boat / rowing (sport)
to start a match / to kick off
road race
repechage (supplementary qualifying round in sports)
religious procession / exposition
Celeron (an Intel chip)
Sayram Lake in Xinjiang
to race against time
individual competition / individual race
the Jockey Club, Hong Kong philanthropic organization (and former gentleman's club)
match point (tennis etc)
stage of a competition
Chinese chess tournament
beauty contest
tennis match / tennis competition / CL: 場|场
to censor an image / to pixelate
race course / race ground / race track
boxing match
track and field competition
100-meter dash
psi (Greek letter Ψψ)
Segway PT
"Mr Science", phrase used during the May 4th Movement 五四運動|五四运动 / abbr. for 賽因斯|赛因斯 / see also 德先生
stroke play (golf)
Husain or Hussein (name) / Hussein (c. 626-680), Muslim leader whose martyrdom is commemorated at Ashura / Saddam Hussein al Tikriti (1937-2006), dictator of Iraq 1979-2003
a play-off / replay
Tian Ji races his horses (and accepts one loss in order to ensure two wins) (idiom)
pursuit race / chase
England premier soccer league
pit babe / paddock girl / grid girl
marathon (sports)
stadium cycle race
chess game
Aksai Chin, a disputed region in the Tibetan plateau
to compete / to take part (in a sports event)
Nasr or Nasser (Arab name) / Gamal Abdel Nasser (1918-1970), Egyptian President
time trial (e.g. in cycle race) / timed race / competition against the clock

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