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to gamble
stake (in a gamble) / (what is at) stake
  *赌* | 赌* | *赌
to bet / to gamble
to bet / to make a bet / a wager
casino town / nickname for Las Vegas
to gamble
hardened gambler / professional gambler
gambling addict
to act in a fit of pique / to get in a huff / to be peeved
money to gamble with
to swear to God / to cross one's heart
communal gambling
game of chance / gambling party / gambling joint
bet / wager
gamblers' den / illegal casino
to fight
to place a bet (with sb) / to take a risk (with one's time and effort etc, e.g. on a business venture)
(Tw) (slang) to be ticked off by (sb or sth); to be pissed at (sb or sth); to be in a foul mood; down in the dumps (from Taiwanese 揬𡳞, Tai-lo pr. [tu̍h-lān])
lit. in gambling, nine times out of ten you lose (idiom) / fig. gambling is a mug's game
to go dining, wining, whoring and gambling / to lead a life of dissipation
to gamble
to engage in a game of chance / to gamble / to make a bet
to vow
(ball) sports betting
lit. if you agree to bet you must accept to lose / fig. you bet, you pay

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