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wages / pay / CL: 個|个, ,
goods / supplies
investment / to invest
  *资* | 资* | *资
resources / capital / to provide / to supply / to support / money / expense
qualified teacher
wholly-owned (often by foreign company) / exclusive investment
foreign investment
to raise money / to accumulate funds
capital increase
petit bourgeois / yuppie / abbr. of 小資產階級|小资产阶级
to raise resources
to spend / to allocate funds
capital verification / certification of registered capital
sth that people like to chat about / topic of idle conversation
to spend / expenditure / to cost
innate talent / gift / flair / native resource / dowry
floating capital / idle fund / hot money
huge investment / vast sum
labor and capital / labor and management
Chinese capital / Chinese enterprise
overseas foreign direct investment (OFDI)
piece rate wage / remuneration based on one's output / opposite: time rate wage 計時工資|计时工资
by way of / to serve as
to contribute funds
to inject funds / to put money into (the market)
foreign investment
Taiwan capital or investments
Zhuozi county in Ulaanchab 烏蘭察布|乌兰察布, Inner Mongolia
age and experience / seniority
money to gamble with
wage adjustment / to raise or lower wages
prostitute's fee for service
share issue
joint venture
drug money
remuneration for literary or artistic work
travel expenses
to fund / to put money into sth / to invest
rural capital (finance)
refinancing / restructuring (a loan)
venture capital
dowry / CL: , 筆|笔
intelligence / information
investment promotion
private capital
short-term financing
private (non-government) financing
to invest in stock / to buy shares
time rate wage / remuneration based on one's time and skill / opposite: piece rate wage 計件工資|计件工资
(old) drinking money / tip
venture capital investment

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