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free (of charge)
  *费* | 费* | *费
surname Fei
  *费* | 费* | *费
to cost / to spend / fee / wasteful / expenses
to consume / to spend
to charge a fee
cost / expenditure / expense / CL: 筆|笔, 個|个
to pay / to cover the costs
to pay a fee
freight fee
tuition fee / tuition / CL: 個|个
to waste / to squander
funds / expenditure / CL: 筆|笔
service charge / processing fee / commission
expense / cost / to spend (time or money) / expenditure
rate / tariff
call charge
consumer goods
(postal, telecom etc) service charge
insurance fee
service charge / cover charge
to require effort / strenuous
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania / abbr. for 費拉德爾菲亞|费拉德尔菲亚
to waste / to spend / to consume / to squander
to expend a great deal of effort
cost of living / living expenses / alimony
insurance premium
registration fee
at one's own expense / self-funded
time charge
low cost
consumer finance
passenger fare
labor cost
business travel expenses
membership dues
"three public expenditures" of the PRC government, i.e. air travel, food and entertainment, and public vehicles
consumption tax / sales tax
to be in arrears / to be out of credit / amount owing
water bill
at public expense
to take time / time-consuming
Feixian county in Linyi 臨沂|临沂, Shandong
transport costs
incidental costs / sundries / extras
medical expenses
party membership dues
room charge
to waste (one's energy etc)
child support payment (after a divorce)
tip / gratuity
author's remuneration / CL: 筆|笔
Roger Federer (1981-), Swiss tennis star
long distance call charge
travel expenses / money for a voyage / toll
toll (fee for using a road)
transfer fee / signing bonus / sign-on bonus
Feinman or Feynman (name) / Richard Feynman (1918-1988), US physicist, 1965 Nobel prize laureate together with TOMONAGA Shin'ichirō and Julian Schwinger
to take a lot of trouble (over sb or sth) / may I trouble you (to do sth)
to be puzzled / hard to understand / unintelligible / incomprehensible
food expenses / board expenses / meals (cost)
consumer price index CPI
fellah (loanword)
shipping / sea transport
consumer price index CPI
business cost / business expense
effortless / not expending the slightest effort
military expenditure
travel expenses
troublesome / to take a lot of trouble to do sth
Fermi (name) / Enrico Fermi (1901-1954), Italian born US nuclear physicist
publishing fee / page charge
extravagance and waste (idiom)
admission fee
variant of 費瑪|费玛
China Consumers' Association (CCA)
funeral expenses
appearance fee
to rack one's brains (idiom); to take great pains to think sth through
consumer group
to take a lot of trouble (idiom); painstaking / at the cost of a lot of effort
alimony / child support / maintenance allowance
Bielefeld (city in Germany)
consumer protection (law)
Fei Xiaotong (1910-2005), Chinese sociologist
medical treatment at public expense
Ludwig Feuerbach (1804-1872), materialist philosopher
expense claim form
to spend effort / to take trouble / May I trouble you to...? (as part of polite request) / Please would you mind...?
Fabian Society
Fallujah, Iraqi city on Euphrates
demurrage (shipping)

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