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home loan
  *贷* | 贷* | *贷
to lend on interest / to borrow / a loan / leniency / to make excuses / to pardon / to forgive
credit / borrowed money
to borrow or lend money / debit and credit items on a balance sheet
to repay a loan
loan shark / high-interest loan / usury
to provide loans
to be duty bound / to be one's unshirkable responsibility
to punish severely (idiom)
bank deposits and loans
(government) loan to agriculture
to pardon / to excuse
(finance) online lending (or borrowing)
to call in a loan
car loan (abbr. for 汽車貸款|汽车贷款)
to beg for a loan
subprime lending / abbr. for 次級貸款|次级贷款
unsecured loan; loan without collateral

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