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to stick / to affix / to adhere / to paste (as in "copy and paste") / Taiwan pr. [nian2 tie1] / also written 黏貼|黏贴
considerate (of other people's needs)
to subsidize / subsidy / allowance / to supplement (one's salary etc) / benefit
  *贴* | 贴* | *贴
to stick / to paste / to post (e.g. on a blog) / to keep close to / to fit snugly / to subsidize / allowance (e.g. money for food or housing) / sticker / classifier for sticking plaster: strip
sticker (social messaging) (Tw)
intimate / close / considerate
worn next to the skin / close-fitting / personal (servant etc)
(loanword) tip / hint / suggestion / piece of advice
clipboard (computing)
protective or tinted film (for LCD screens, car windows etc) / facial mask (cosmetics)
to supply products to be marketed under the buyer's brand name / to manufacture OEM products
to adjust closely / to fit
close-fitting / closest (translation)
to post (a notice) / to advertise
band-aid / sticking plaster
to stick close to / to press up against
to lose money instead of being paid (i.e. sb should pay me, but is actually taking my money)
pinup picture / poster
to discount the interest on a bill of exchange
discount / rebate
appliqué / decalcomania
surface mount (electronics)
fried dumpling / potsticker
Baidu Tieba, lit. "Baidu Post Bar", a Chinese online forum hosted by Baidu Inc.
poster / placard / bill
agio (charge for changing currency) / premium
photo sticker booth
picture poster (for advertising or propaganda)
to smear / to apply glue or ointment to a surface
welt / facing (of a garment) / to be relevant
pastiche / collage
to show every possible consideration (idiom); meticulous care
relevant / pertinent
car allowance
to stick sth up (on the wall) / to post (on a noticeboard or website)
to glue to / to paste onto / to stick on / also written 粘貼|粘贴
male supporting actor in a Chinese opera
female supporting actress in a Chinese opera
pastiche / collage / also written 拼貼|拼贴
to press close to / to snuggle close / intimate
safe / to appease / to reassure
sticky note
Post-It note (3M trademark)
(lit.) chest sticking to back / (fig.) famished / (of several persons) packed chest to back
properly / satisfactorily / firmly / very fitting / appropriate / proper / to be in good order / also written 妥帖
Blu-tack (brand)
Post-it note / sticky note
variant of 服帖
Band-Aid / plaster
to glue something lightly enough that it can be removed later
to show warm feelings but meet with cold rebuke (idiom) / to be snubbed despite showing good intentions
lit. to apply gold leaf to the face of a statue (idiom) / fig. to talk up / to extol the virtues of (oneself or sb else)
faying surface
considerate and caring / very close / intimate
discount rate
personal bodyguard
to decorate with tin foil
to give an extra subsidy, or bonus etc / bonus / perquisite

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