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to procure (for an enterprise etc) / to purchase
to purchase; to buy
  *购* | 购* | *购
to buy / to purchase
to buy (on behalf of sb)
to place an order / to subscribe
group buying / collective buying / buying by a group of individuals who negotiate a discount for the group
to select and purchase / to buy
to purchase (from various places) / to acquire (a company)
to buy frenetically / to snap up (bargains, dwindling supplies etc)
shopper's guide / shop assistant / sales staff
Internet shopping / to purchase online
to buy on credit / to delay payment
merger and acquisition (M and A) / acquisition / to take over
buyback / repurchase / to buy back
to undertake to purchase sth / to subscribe (to share issue)
to purchase
to purchase / to acquire
to ask to buy / to bid for purchase
Tesco, UK-based supermarket chain
advance purchase
to order goods / to place an order
purchase of goods
to purchase foreign exchange
to purchase by mail; to mail-order
a fraudulent purchase / to buy up sth illegally
to bid competitively / to compete to buy (at auction)
Tesco, British-based supermarket chain
state purchasing monopoly / unified government purchase
fixed government purchase (esp of farm products)
to compete / to fight for / to rush to purchase
mail order
prior purchase right / right of first refusal (ROFR) / preemptive right to purchase
buying direct from your company at preferential prices / (gaming) in-app purchase
mergers and acquisitions (M&A)
salvage station / recycling center
to buy in bulk / bulk buying
buyer / purchasing agent
takeover bid
leveraged buyout (LBO)
management buyout (MBO)
unified government purchase at fixed price (esp of farm products)
state monopoly of purchasing and marketing
book token
shopping center
shopping mall
shopping mall
shopping cart
shopping bag
shopping cart
purchasing power
to overbook
(a share issue is) oversubscribed
a bounty / a reward for capturing an outlaw
to limit the amount a customer can buy

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