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finance and economics
financial affairs
wealth / riches
finances (public) / financial
  *财* | 财* | *财
money / wealth / riches / property / valuables
financial management / finance
Ministry of Finance
property / assets / estate / CL: 筆|笔
financial report
finance and accounting
finance and taxation
god of wealth
to get rich
Central University of Finance and Economics, Beijing / abbr. for 中央財經大學|中央财经大学
financial software / accounting software
financial resources / source of revenue
property / belongings
financial group
property rights
company finance / corporate finance
to accumulate wealth / to rake in money
financial resources / financial ability
god of wealth / very wealthy man
spiritual wealth
Shanghai University of Finance and Economics (SUFE)
profits pouring in from all sides (idiom) / raking in money / bonanza
lit. inviting wealth / We wish you success and riches (cf idiom 招財進寶|招财进宝)
Central University of Finance and Economics, Beijing
wealth / money
treasurer / head of finances / minister of finance
fiscal year / financial year
chief financial officer (CFO)
minister of finance
finance and trade
to be greedy in getting money
rich man / moneybags
Guizhou University of Finance and Economics
money and valuables
plutocracy / monopolistic corporation, esp. prewar Japanese zaibatsu / Korean chaebol / plutocrat / tycoon / oligarch / financial magnate
property notarization
maneki-neko or "lucky cat", Japanese figurine cat usually found at the entrance of shops, restaurants etc, believed to bring good fortune
government revenue / tributary goods and finances / finances and taxes / wealth / property / belongings
to make money
Central University of Finance and Economics, Beijing / abbr. for 中央財經大學|中央财经大学
intellectual property (Tw)
easy money / windfall / ill-gotten gains / undeserved fortune / illegal profit
May you have a prosperous New Year! (New Year's greeting)
lit. there are principles behind making money (idiom); fig. to have a knack for good business / knowing how to accumulate wealth / good at feathering one's own nest
ushering in wealth and prosperity (idiom and traditional greeting, esp. at New Year); We wish you wealth and success!
ill-gotten wealth or gains
finance minister / UK chancellor of exchequer
to be promoted and gain wealth (idiom)
bankrupt / to suffer financial loss
wealth / money
(idiom) amiability makes you rich
(Tw) mini truck / Kei truck
money grubber / miser
property ownership or right / financial power / financial control
waste of manpower and resources
to cherish wealth
rich and imposing / rich and overbearing
public property
finance minister
vast wealth
to become rich / enrichment
financial year / fiscal year (e.g. from April to March, for tax purposes)
miser / scrooge
lit. to love money as much as one's own life (idiom) / fig. avaricious / tightfisted
prenuptial agreement / dowry contract
assets / capital and materials
to make easy money / to make a fortune / to line one's pockets
lit. human beings will die for riches, just as birds will for food (idiom) / fig. man will do anything in his means to become rich
to plot and kill sb for his property (idiom); to murder for money
property value
wealth and profit / riches
betrothal gift / bride price
local wealthy landlord / country money-bags / rich provincial
movable property / money and belongings / non-real estate assets
financial management science
loss of life and property / to lose the beauty and her possessions
wine, sex, avarice and temper (idiom); four cardinal vices
variant of 資財|资财
the people are impoverished, their means exhausted (idiom); to drive the nation to bankruptcy
to help the needy for justice (idiom); to be loyal to one's friends and generous to the needy
mad about money (idiom)
a financial loss may prevent disaster (idiom)
wealth and influence
seeing riches provokes evil designs
minister of finance
(coll.) (Tw) mini truck / Kei truck
shop owner / moneybags
(provincial) department of finance
distributing money, fighting for virtue (idiom); fig. generous in helping the needy
to cherish wealth and find it hard to give up (idiom); refusing to contribute to charity / skinflint / miserly
Hong Kong Economic Journal

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