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to be responsible for; to be in charge of; to bear responsibility for / conscientious
to bear (an expense, a responsibility etc) / burden
to bully
aspiration / ambition
victory or defeat / the outcome of a battle
to fail to live up (to expectations) / unworthy (of trust) / to let down / to betray (hopes) / to disappoint
positive and negative
  *负* | 负* | *负
to bear / to carry (on one's back) / to turn one's back on / to be defeated / negative (math. etc)
conceited / to take responsibility
to carry / to support / load
negative / the negative side
negative number
load / burden / charge
negative value (math.)
to endure humiliation as part of an important mission (idiom); to suffer in silence
(lit. and fig.) to carry a heavy load / to carry a heavy burden
to alleviate a burden on sb
to shoulder (a burden) / to bear / to suffer (a disadvantage)
as if relieved from a burden (idiom) / to have a weight off one's mind
to be in debt / to incur debts / liability (finance)
to live up to expectations (idiom)
deep in debt
tax burden
ungrateful / heartless / to fail to be loyal to one's love
lit. to bring a bramble and ask for punishment (idiom) / fig. to offer sb a humble apology
heavy load / heavy burden (also fig. of tax)
to forget favors and violate justice (idiom); ingratitude to a friend / to kick a benefactor in the teeth
negative electric charge
suction / negative pressure
negative pole / cathode
negative value sign - (math.) / minus sign
debtor (jocular term, homonymous with 富翁)
negative (in photography)
to bear / to carry on one's back / to shoulder
to be responsible for
in a pique / sulky / cross
seasoned / honed to perfection over centuries / special reserve
unable to determine victory or defeat (idiom); evenly matched / to come out even / to tie / to draw
(literary) to feel apologetic / to feel guilty
to be wounded / to sustain an injury
to shoulder / to bear / to undertake
deficient / to let sb down / to cause sb suffering
to implicate / to involve
negative score / minus (in grades, such as A-)
negative (response, emotion etc)
the losing side
to take responsibility for the consequences of risky behavior; to have only oneself to blame if things go badly
lit. to wear one's coat inside out and carry firewood on one's back (idiom) / fig. to live a life of poverty and hard work / fig. to act stupidly
person in charge
(computing) load balancing
to live up to
variant of 辜負|辜负
to feel powerless and full of shame (idiom)
the author takes sole responsibility for the views expressed here (disclaimer)
plus or minus sign ± (math.)
electrons and positrons
to determine success or failure
current liability
Heaven will not disappoint the person who tries (idiom). If you try hard, you're bound to succeed eventually.
responsible for its profit and losses (of organization) / financially autonomous / personal financial responsibility
responsible for its profit and losses (of organization) / financially autonomous / personal financial responsibility
(architecture) basement level 1; floor B1
negative feedback
negative growth / economic recession
negative influence, effect that people's doings or behavior have on others (society)
traitor to one's love / heartless rat
cannot afford / cannot bear the burden
negative integer
at fault / blamed for / responsible (for a blunder or crime)
negative correlation
negative energy / negativity
to take responsibility / to bear responsibility / to be responsible
weight training
negative ion / anion (physics)
opossum (zoo.)
balance sheet
excess load / an overload / overloaded
seriously injured
communications load
to disobey one's benefactor / to violate debts of gratitude / to repay good with evil
a nonnegative number (i.e. positive or zero)
debt as heavy as a mountain on a turtle's back

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