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to implement / to put into practice / to carry out
one's native place / place of ancestry / registered birthplace
to run through / a connecting thread from beginning to end / to link
  *贯* | 贯* | *贯
to pierce through / to pass through / to be stringed together / string of 1000 cash
consistent / constant / from start to finish / all along / persistent
to link up / to thread together
to link up (disparate elements) / coherent (narrative, argument etc)
to win every trick in a card game / grand slam / fig. total success
to master the subject via a comprehensive study of surrounding areas
grand slam
to concentrate one's attention completely (idiom) / with rapt attention
lit. like thunder piercing the ear / a well-known reputation (idiom)
horizontal traverse / to cut across / to cross transversally
lit. warp string in weaving / fig. vertical or north-south lines / to pass through / to cross lengthwise / to pierce (esp. north-south or top-to-bottom)
ten thousand strings of cash / very wealthy / millionaire
one after the other / in single file
Luo Guanzhong (c. 1330-c. 1400), author of the Romance of the Three Kingdoms and other works
lit. ten thousand strings of cash in money belt (idiom); carrying lots of money / extremely wealthy / loaded
to walk in in a line
lit. strung through and filled with evil (idiom); filled with extreme evil / replete with vice / guilty of monstrous crimes
to concentrate
to pierce through / to string together
to file out / to walk out in a line
to follow through / to carry through to the end
spirit reaches to the rainbow / full of noble aspiration and daring
vast wealth
(feng shui) beneficial influence, esp. from one's ancestral graves / to confer a beneficial influence
variant of 連貫|连贯
old system / former rules
to link up / to join together / to connect
one's native place / place of ancestry / registered birthplace
system / sequence / order / procedures
local coherence
immensely rich

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