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assistance to the poor / poverty alleviation
impoverished / poverty
to lift oneself out of poverty
  *贫* | 贫* | *贫
poor / inadequate / deficient / garrulous
poor / impoverished
poor people
poor region / impoverished area
poor and rich
slum housing
to rise from poverty and become prosperous (idiom) / poverty alleviation
barren / infertile / poor
impoverished / lacking / deficient / limited / meager / impoverishment / lack / deficiency
poor / poverty-stricken / impoverished
poverty-stricken / poor
disparity between rich and poor
aplastic anemia (med.)
poor but upright / destitute
poor and lowly
to help the poor / almsgiving for the needy / to assist poor households or poor regions
poverty rate
poor Taoist
poor monk (humble term used by monk of himself)
thalassemia (medicine)
slum area / ghetto
to rob the rich to help the poor
talkative / garrulous / loquacious / flippant / jocular
poor peasant
to help the poor
not shaken by poverty / to preserve one's ambitions although destitute
to be content with poverty and strive for virtue (idiom)
poor and feeble
to favor the rich and disdain the poor (idiom) / snobbish
extreme poverty (idiom); destitute / penniless / poor as church mice
(category defined by the Communist Party) poor and lower-middle peasants: farmers who, before land reform, possessed little or no land (poor peasants) and those who were barely able to support themselves with their own land (lower-middle peasants)
mean / stingy
to visit the poor and ask about their suffering (idiom)
poor in oil
blood loss anemia
waste liquid / liquid with precipitate skimmed off
cerebral anemia
depleted uranium (D-38)
poverty compounded by ill health (idiom)
the notion in society that it's better to get ahead in the world by abandoning one's scruples than to suffer poverty / lit. despising poverty but not prostitution (idiom)
robbing the rich to help the poor
low grade ore
beset by poverty and illness (idiom)
(coll.) to wag one's tongue / to indulge in idle gossip and silly jokes / to chatter endlessly / to speak glibly
poor peasants (in Marxism)
country poor in oil
a son won't abandon his mother for being ugly, just as a dog won't abandon its owner for being poor (proverb)
without two nickels to rub together (idiom) / impoverished
poverty stricken
mean / stingy / garrulous
aplastic anemia
anemic necrosis
(dialect) to talk nonsense / garrulous
not even enough land to stand an awl (idiom); absolutely destitute
to rob the rich to help the poor (idiom)
not even enough land to stand an awl (idiom); absolutely destitute
to give sympathy to the rich and relief to the poor (idiom)
verbose / garrulous
extremely poor but not destitute
garrulous and sharp-tongued
sickle cell anemia
garrulous and sharp-tongued
it is no disgrace to be poor (idiom)
sickle-cell anaemia / sickle-cell disease

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