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canyon / gill / ravine
unhusked rice / paddy
  *谷* | 谷* | *谷
grain / corn
  *谷* | 谷* | *谷
surname Gu
  *谷* | 谷* | *谷
Bangkok, capital of Thailand
Hangu Pass in modern day Henan Province, strategic pass forming the eastern gate of the Qin State during the Warring States Period (770-221 BC)
valley / ravine
river valley
Silicon Valley
cereal / grain
valley floor / (fig.) lowest ebb / all-time low
five crops, e.g. millet , soybean , sesame , barley 麥|麦, rice or other variants / all crops / all grains / oats, peas, beans and barley
Guyu or Grain Rain, 6th of the 24 solar terms 二十四節氣|二十四节气 20th April-4th May
deep valley
Yangu county in Liaocheng 聊城, Shandong
Taigu county in Jinzhong 晉中|晋中, Shanxi
cereal / grain
Fugu County in Yulin 榆林, Shaanxi
glutamic acid (Glu), an amino acid
Fugu County in Yulin 榆林, Shaanxi
Gucheng county in Xiangfan 襄樊, Hubei
to abstain from eating cereals (Taoist practice) / to fast
great valley / Grand Canyon of Colorado River
grain (of cereal)
Gangu county in Tianshui 天水, Gansu
Jinggu Dai and Yi autonomous county in Pu'er 普洱, Yunnan
Gucheng county in Xiangfan 襄樊, Hubei
rift valley
Great Canyon of Yarlung Tsangpo-Brahmaputra (through the southeast Himalayas, from Tibet to Assam and Bangladesh)
great rift valley
Tuyuhun, nomadic people related to the Xianbei 鮮卑|鲜卑 / a state in Qinghai in 4th-7th century AD
same as 薏苡
monosodium glutamate (MSG) (E621)
no room to advance or to retreat (idiom); without any way out of a dilemma / trapped / in an impossible situation
the Grand Canyon (Colorado)
abundant harvest of all food crops / bumper grain harvest
the Grand Canyon of the Nujiang river in Tibet and Yunnan
(dialect) maize / corn / also written 苞穀|苞谷
husk of grain / grain and chaff
receptive as an echoing canyon (idiom); modest and open-minded
storing grain against a famine / to lay sth by for a rainy day / also written 積穀防飢|积谷防饥
variant of 包穀|包谷
valley / ravine
grain chaff
never move your four limbs, can't distinguish the five crops (idiom); living as a parasite
grain not fully grown
ear of grain / gerbe (used on coats of arms)
Silicon Valley
harvest God
Zagunao town in Li county 理縣|理县, Sichuan
Ceres, dwarf planet in the asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter, discovered in 1801 by G. Piazzi
variant of 谷歌
Google, Internet company and search engine
trough of a wave / (fig.) low point / lowest level
valley / trough (as opposed to peaks) / fig. low point / lowest ebb / nadir of one's fortunes
Mark / St Mark the evangelist / less common variant of 馬克|马克 preferred by the Catholic Church
Bekaa Valley between Lebanon and Syria
(idiom) all over the place / in every nook and cranny / packed to the rafters
Taniguchi (Japanese surname)
to boost / to propel
Tonyukuk (died c. 724 AD)
lit. stale grain, overcooked sesame (idiom); fig. the same boring old gossip
Rift Valley fever virus
the Valley, capital of Anguilla
the sound of footsteps in a deserted valley (idiom) / sth hard to come by / sth wonderful and rare
Lugu or Luku Township in Nantou County 南投縣|南投县, central Taiwan
to hit rock bottom (idiom)
to winnow
deep valley
Pinggu rural district of Beijing, formerly Pinggu county
valley / gorge
deep valley / ravine
Book of Habakkuk
whole grain
Pinggu rural district of Beijing, formerly Pinggu county
Vincent Van Gogh (1853-1890), Dutch post-Impressionist painter (Tw)
temple dedicated to the local tutelary god 土地神 and the god of cereals
low-lying humid terrain
Taigu county in Jinzhong 晉中|晋中, Shanxi
cuckoo (Cercococcyx spp.) / same as 杜鵑鳥|杜鹃鸟
former Pinggu county, now Pinggu rural district in Beijing
to thresh
threshing floor
threshing machine
Swat valley in Pakistani Northwest Frontier
Hibiya Park in central Tokyo
Jinggu Dai and Yi autonomous county in Pu'er 普洱, Yunnan
Jinggu Dai and Yi autonomous county in Pu'er 普洱, Yunnan
Zeng Xiaogu (1873-1937), actor and pioneer of Chinese drama in New Culture style
lowest point / nadir
Great East African rift valley

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