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air conditioning / air conditioner (including units that have a heating mode) / CL: 臺|台
to emphasize (a statement) / to stress
tone / note / a tone (on a Chinese syllable) / CL: 個|个
to coordinate / to harmonize / to fit together / to match (colors etc) / harmonious / concerted
  *调* | 调* | *调
to transfer / to move (troops or cadres) / to investigate / to enquire into / accent / view / argument / key (in music) / mode (music) / tune / tone / melody
  *调* | 调* | *调
to harmonize / to reconcile / to blend / to suit well / to adjust / to regulate / to season (food) / to provoke / to incite
low pitch / quiet (voice) / subdued / low-key / low-profile
to demote / to pass down to a lower unit
to adjust downwards / to lower (prices, wages etc)
central air conditioning / (fig.) (neologism) ladies' man (contrasted with 暖男, a guy who is attentive to his partner rather than to all and sundry)
style (of art or literature) / form / one's work style / moral character
out of tune (music)
imbalance / to become dysfunctional / to lack proper care (after an illness etc)
main key (of a musical composition) / keynote (speech)
hue / tone
to raise (prices) / to adjust upwards
major key (in music)
pitch of voice (high or low) / pitch (of a musical note) / tone
xiaodiao, a Chinese folk song genre / minor key (in music)
opinion poll
to cook / cooking
uncoordinated / disharmony
to reconstitute (a powdered beverage) by adding water, milk etc
high-sounding speech / bombast / high-profile
fine tuning / trimming
blues (music)
sentiment / tone and mood / taste
demodulation / to demodulate
regional folk song popular during a certain period of time
intonation / tone of voice / CL: 個|个
tune / melody
falling intonation (linguistics) / to lower the key of a tune / to demote
to set the tone
to temporarily transfer (personnel)
to transfer (personnel or material)
a tune / a melody / accent (distinctive way of pronouncing a language) / tone (manner of expression) / elegance / refinement
to swap places / to exchange roles
main point of an argument / a principal viewpoint
to be off-key or out of tune (while singing) (colloquial)
tone sandhi / modified tone / (music) to change key / modulation
hand-eye coordination
to conscript / to second (personnel) / to requisition (supplies etc)
gait / marching order / step / pace
cliché / commonplace / truism / stereotype
to transpose (music)
same tone / in agreement with / homology (invariant of a topological space in math.)
character (of a person, verse, object etc) / style
argument / view (sometimes derogatory)
it's difficult to please everyone (idiom)
rising tone (phonetics, e.g. on a question in English)
geological survey, abbr. for 地質調查|地质调查
to match / in tune / reasonable
(of writing) tone / style
to express a different view / to take a different position
cognitive dissonance
exoticism / local color / exotic
(music) to change key / modulation / (of an employee) to be transferred to another post
warm tone / warm color
special blend / house blend
classy / stylish / upmarket
flippant and insincere (piece of writing or speech) / glib-tongued / oily
a regional accent
to fine tune
to negotiate the transfer of personnel
to have a tone mark
(Tw) public prosecutors, the police, and the Investigation Bureau (abbr. for 檢察官警察調查局|检察官警察调查局)
out of tune / off-key
cohomology (invariant of a topological space in math.)
to request a transfer
modes of ancient Chinese music
to sing the high part / to speak fine sounding but empty words (idiom)
nine tones and six modes (tonal system of Cantonese and other southern languages)
tone of a character
to speak with a foreign accent or using words from a foreign language (usually derogatory) (idiom)
hackneyed talk / platitude
sleep disorder
strange accent / odd manner of speaking or singing
evaporative air conditioner / evaporative cooler
to obtain (information) from a database etc
to supervise (troops) / to appoint (officers) / to select and assign
Anhui opera
rhyme and tone / intonation
out of tune / marital discord, cf qin and se 琴瑟, two string instruments as symbol of marital harmony
tone sandhi
(of a voice) husky / hoarse / affected / (music) to go off-key
slander / calumny / to accuse unjustly

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