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  *请* | 请* | *请
to ask / to invite / please (do sth) / to treat (to a meal etc) / to request
to apply for sth / application (form etc) / CL:
to invite / invitation / CL: 個|个
please (do sth) (deferential form)
to request the pleasure of seeing sb / to ask sb in / to ask sb to do sth (e.g. make a speech)
to engage / to hire (a lawyer etc)
to propose
(courteous) would you please ...
to request earnestly
to entertain (for dinner) / to invite to dinner
to report, requesting approval / written request for instructions
to hire at a high salary
to invite / to issue an invitation
please (formal)
to make a formal request / formal request / to make a claim (law)
to submit (to superiors)
to be a guest at a dinner party / to be wined and dined (as a bribe)
to urge
to coax and plead
to return an invitation
to implore / to entreat
to recruit / to take on (an employee)
my presumptuous request (humble expr.); if I may be so bold to ask a favor
to employ / to send for sb promising employment
to request / to call for

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