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to entice / to lure / to induce / to attract
attractive / alluring / captivating / to attract / to captivate
to induce / to encourage / to provide guidance / (medicine, chemistry) induction
  *诱* | 诱* | *诱
to entice / to tempt
to induce / to cause / to elicit / to trigger
to coerce (sb into doing sth bad) / to lure (into a trap) / to seduce
cause / triggering factor / incentive / inducement
to lure into / to entrap / to trick into / to entice / to induce / to invite / to tempt
to seduce / to lead into sex
to make threats and promises
to entice / to lure / to scam / to hoodwink / to decoy
to guide patiently and systematically (idiom)
to lure into a trap / to trap / to capture
to use gain as a lure
to abduct / to kidnap
to prevail upon / to coax
to seduce (into sex)
feeding attractant / phagostimulant
to invite / to recruit / to attract / to entice
to lure / to entice
to coax / to induce
to induce labor (i.e. childbirth) / labor induction
to help and encourage
to tempt / to seduce
to lure into a trap

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