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error / mistake / CL: 個|个 / mistaken / false / wrong
to misunderstand / to mistake / misunderstanding / CL: 個|个
to delay / to hold up / to waste time / to interfere with
lapse / mistake / to make a mistake / fault / service fault (in volleyball, tennis etc)
difference / error / inaccuracy
to misunderstand / to misread / misunderstanding
  *误* | 误* | *误
mistake / error / to miss / to harm / to delay / to neglect / mistakenly
to mislead / to misguide / misleading
mistaken ideas / misconceptions / the error of one's ways
verified / unmistaken
used in expressions of the form V不誤|照V不误, in which V is a verb, means "as before", and the overall meaning is "carry on (doing sth) regardless" or "continue (to do sth) in spite of changed circumstances", e.g. 照買不誤|照买不误, to keep on buying (a product) regardless (of price hikes)
to delay / to be held up / to miss (an opportunity) / delay / holdup
to neglect neither one
to mistakenly kill / manslaughter
to misjudge / error of judgment / incorrect ruling / miscarriage of justice
to delay one's work / to be late for or absent from work / loss of working time
to correct printing errors
accidentally / to act before thinking
to injure accidentally / accidental injury
not on time / late (public transport, airlines) / overdue / behind schedule / delayed
error / mistaken idea / falsehood
to misuse
spelling mistake / written error
to take a wrong step in life (idiom) / to go astray
to misread / (fig.) to misunderstand / to misinterpret
logical error
true or false? / correct or incorrect / to correct errors (in a document)
(of a lazy or incompetent teacher) to hamper students' progress / (of media) to propagate errors / to lead people astray
to affect adversely / to delay or hinder / to waste (an opportunity) / to mislead
to hold things up / to make a botch of things
a slip of a pen / CL: 處|处
a clever person may become the victim of his own ingenuity (idiom); cleverness may overreach itself / too smart for one's own good
run-time error (in computing)
lit. sharpening the axe won't make the wood-splitting take longer (idiom) / fig. time invested in preparations is not lost / a beard well lathered is half shaved
to falsely believe / to be mislead / to fall for (a trick etc)
bias (statistics)
segmentation fault
to unwittingly write the wrong thing
to miss a plane
to consider erroneously / incorrectly attributed to sb
to correct printing errors
error in a text / text corruption
miscarriage of justice
to write a word incorrectly / typo / (medicine) to mistakenly transplant (an infected organ etc)
lit. to mistakenly board a pirate ship / to embark on a hopeless adventure
to keep on buying (a product) regardless (of price increases, adverse publicity etc)
demurrage (shipping)
variant of 耽誤|耽误
mistake of pronunciation
to miss (bus, train etc)
to delay / to procrastinate
to mislead / to confuse / error / misconception / erroneous
omission / missing word
double fault (in tennis)
to put sth in the wrong place
to disobey and cause delays / to obstruct and procrastinate
foot fault (tennis etc)
garden path effect
phonological error

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