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to speak / to say / to talk / to gossip / to tell stories / talk / word
dialogue / CL: 個|个
joke / jest / CL: 個|个 / to laugh at / to mock
Mandarin (common language) / Putonghua (common speech of the Chinese language) / ordinary speech
legend / fairy tale / myth / mythology
nonsense / rubbish / superfluous words / You don't say! / No kidding! (gently sarcastic)
children's fairy tales
common saying / proverb
casual conversation / chat / gossip / to talk about (whatever comes to mind)
telephone / CL: / phone call / CL: / phone number
  *话* | 话* | *话
dialect / language / spoken words / speech / talk / words / conversation / what sb said / CL: 種|种, , , ,
  *话* | 话* | *话
old variant of 話|话
if (coming after a conditional clause)
a speech / to speak / to talk / to address / CL: 個|个
in a word / in short
to make a telephone call
whisperings / private words / confidences / sweet nothings
to hold a conversation / to talk over the telephone / phone call
to speak the truth / truth to tell / frankly
mobile telephone
landline telephone / fixed-line telephone
(language learning) conversation / dialog / to converse (in a non-native language) / (computing) session / CL: 個|个,
to talk (with sb) / to have a conversation / talk / conversation / CL:
profanity / obscene language / speaking rudely
to do what one is told / obedient
terms of endearment / words of love
spoken language / vernacular
to phone sb up
objection / differing opinion
Cantonese language
to watch with amusement as sb makes a fool of himself
obscenities / lewd talk
friendly advice / words spoken on sb's behalf / a good word / kind words / words that sound fine but are not followed up with actions
Shanghainese / Shanghai dialect
(to express one's) true feelings / what is on one's mind / secret mind
(Tw) (slang) remark that sounds like it makes sense but is actually nonsense
to give orders / to spread news or rumors / to leak certain information intentionally
a lie / untrue statement / misstatement
corny joke
to discuss together
lie / false words / nonsense / CL:
polite phrase / conventional greetings / cliché / to try to worm facts out of sb
cheesy pick-up lines
long-distance call
mobile phone (Tw)
questioning (a suspect) / interrogation
native language / native dialect
unpleasant talk / malicious words
(of sb's words) to count / can be trusted
form of writing novels that comprise lots of poetry in the body of the text, popular in the Ming Dynasty
words of politeness / politesse / decorous talking / talk with propriety
public phone / CL:
the content of a conversation / words / remarks
colloquial speech
something to be taken up later in speech or writing
conventional greeting / polite formula
to make a fool of oneself
(spoken) Chinese language
to do as promised / to be as good as one's word / to honor one's word / to mean what one says
story or deed that captures the imagination and is spread far and wide
empty talk / bunk / malicious gossip
unreasonable / shocking / outrageous
jargon / language of the trade
to talk / to get into conversation with / to send word
to be honest / to tell the truth / to be frank
to sneer / to make cynical remarks / sarcastic talk
shit / nonsense
to reply / to answer
to pass on a story / to communicate a message
Beijing dialect
argot / bandits' secret jargon / malicious words
notes on poetry, an essay genre consisting of informal commentary on poems and poets and their lives (old) / a genre of narrative literature interspersing prose with poetry, popular in the Tang and Song dynasties
automatic telephone exchange
to talk nonsense / to bullshit
talking in one's sleep / words spoken during sleep / fig. speech bearing no relation to reality / delusions
witticism / wisecrack / sarcastic remark / double entendre
nonsense / ridiculous talk / hogwash
to reply
rumor / anecdote (not in the official record) / apocryphal story
Hakka dialect
sneering / sarcasm / cynical remarks
to chat / to gossip
angry words / sth said in the moment of anger
vulgar language (esp. scatological insults) / uncultured speech
to lie through one's teeth (idiom) / to talk drivel
storytelling dramatic art dating back to Song and Yuan periods, single narrator without music, often historical topics with commentary
one's words carry an implicit meaning
"officialese" / bureaucratic language / Mandarin
to interrupt (sb speaking) / interruption / digression
demoralizing talk
to fail to keep to one's word / to break a promise
harsh words
radio telephony / wireless telephone
one's words carry an implicit meaning
irony / ironic remark
(coll.) not at all (humble expression denying compliment) / don't mention it
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