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  *诗* | 诗* | *诗
poem / CL: / poetry / verse
  *诗* | 诗* | *诗
abbr. for Shijing 詩經|诗经, the Book of Songs
Tang poetry; a Tang poem
old verse / Classical Chinese poem
an epic / poetic saga
to inscribe a poem (often, composed on the spot) on a painting, fan or ceramic bowl etc as a work of calligraphy / an inscribed poem
regular verse / strict poetic form with eight lines of 5, 6 or 7 syllables and even lines rhyming
love poem
a genre of poetry, developed in the Tang Dynasty, characterized by its strict form
Hennessy (cognac)
old verse / poetry in the old style
first soliloquy text (introducing opera character)
to versify / to compose poetry
rhyming verse
long poem
erotic verse
to recite poetry
verse form consisting of 8 lines of 7 syllables, with rhyme on alternate lines / abbr. to 七律
to continue to discuss a poem over a long period
British Columbia, province of Canada (loanword from "BC")
verse criticizing officials / satirical verse
a pre-Tang Dynasty genre of poetry, relatively free in form, usually having four, five, six or seven characters per line
shanshui poetry, genre of Classical Chinese poetry
a lament (poem)
humorous poem / limerick
lyric poetry
narrative poem
prose poem
Misty Poetry, a post-Cultural Revolution poetry movement
free verse in the vernacular
poetry in the old style

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