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  *诗* | 诗* | *诗
poem / CL: / poetry / verse
  *诗* | 诗* | *诗
abbr. for Shijing 詩經|诗经, the Book of Songs
poem / CL: , ,
Tang poetry; a Tang poem
old verse / Classical Chinese poem
the Book of Songs 詩經|诗经 and the Book of History 書經|书经
an epic / poetic saga
to inscribe a poem (often, composed on the spot) on a painting, fan or ceramic bowl etc as a work of calligraphy / an inscribed poem
poetry / poetic quality or flavor
poetry and literature
bard / poet
regular verse / strict poetic form with eight lines of 5, 6 or 7 syllables and even lines rhyming
verse / CL:
love poem
Shijing, the Book of Songs, early collection of Chinese poems and one of the Five Classics of Confucianism 五經|五经
poetry anthology
a genre of poetry, developed in the Tang Dynasty, characterized by its strict form
poetic form or genre
a poem / a composition in verse / fig. epic (compared with historical epic) / the biblical Book of Psalms
Hennessy (cognac)
meters and forms of versification / prosody
picturesque charm / idyllic appeal / poetic grace
old verse / poetry in the old style
poetry circles / poetry world
first soliloquy text (introducing opera character)
to versify / to compose poetry
"immortal of poetry", epithet of Li Bai 李白
rhyming verse
long poem
"sage of poetry", epithet of Du Fu 杜甫
verse manuscript
notes on poetry, an essay genre consisting of informal commentary on poems and poets and their lives (old) / a genre of narrative literature interspersing prose with poetry, popular in the Tang and Song dynasties
the Book of Songs 書經|书经 and Classic of Rites 禮記|礼记 / a cultured well-read person
poetry and pictorial art / work of art combining pictures and poetry
a poem goes:
erotic verse
to recite poetry
verse form consisting of 8 lines of 7 syllables, with rhyme on alternate lines / abbr. to 七律
Costa Cruises (brand)
to continue to discuss a poem over a long period
highly literate / lit. capable at poetry, proficient at prose
the four masters of Yuan poetry, namely 虞集, 範梈|范梈, 楊載|杨载 and 揭傒斯
British Columbia, province of Canada (loanword from "BC")
verse criticizing officials / satirical verse
a pre-Tang Dynasty genre of poetry, relatively free in form, usually having four, five, six or seven characters per line
Three Hundred Tang Poems, an anthology collected around 1763 by Sun Zhu 孫誅|孙诛
(of scenery) stunning / spectacular / picturesque
shanshui poetry, genre of Classical Chinese poetry
a lament (poem)
humorous poem / limerick
lyric poetry
narrative poem
prose poem
Misty Poetry, a post-Cultural Revolution poetry movement
Collection of Yuefu Songs and Ballads, compiled in the 11th century by Guo Maoqian 郭茂倩
free verse in the vernacular
poetry in the old style
troubadour; bard

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