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  *词* | 词* | *词
old variant of 詞|词
  *词* | 词* | *词
word / statement / speech / lyrics / CL: 組|组, 個|个 / a form of lyric poetry, flourishing in the Song dynasty 宋朝 / CL:
song lyric / lyrics
word / CL: 個|个
an actor's lines; dialogue / Taiwanese word
synonym / close equivalent expression
letters or words / words or phrase
congratulatory message
message of congratulation
participle / word segmentation
composite word
(linguistics) content word
oath / pledge
(linguistics) function word
classifier (in Chinese grammar) / measure word
to speak evasively (idiom); beating about the bush
interjection / exclamation
veiled criticism
short speech given in proposing a toast
to compose a poem (to a given tune)
to make a speech / to make some remarks
to mumble / to mutter to oneself
new word (in textbook) / word that is unfamiliar or not yet studied / CL: 組|组, 個|个
an elegy / elegiac words
article (in grammar)
to equivocate / to talk evasively (idiom)
variant of 言辭|言辞
indefinite article (e.g. English a, an)
particle (grammatical)
to prattle on self-importantly (idiom)
to exaggerate
word / phrase / (old) (grammar) function word / predicate
one side of the story / one-sided statement
to choose one's words / wording
to state one's views / speech / statement / plea
memorial speech / eulogy
each sticks to his own version (idiom); a dialogue of the deaf
libretto; lyrics
an excuse
inscription / dedication
cognate / words having a common origin
to prompt (an actor or reciter)
instruction / admonition
predicate (in logic and grammar)
foreword / preface (to a publication)
wording / way of expressing something / turn of phrase / diction
all of one voice / unanimous
ballad tune in southern dialects, usually to sanxian 三弦 or pipa 琵琶 accompaniment
dialogue (for stage performance)
to speak forcefully and with justice (idiom); to argue with the courage of one's convictions
forceful (criticism etc) / to use strong words
to make an excuse / pretext / excuse
commendation speech / eulogy / ode
form word / in Classical Chinese, the first character of phrase having auxiliary grammatical function
actor's lines (in theater)
speech of thanks
reply / thank-you speech
(idiom) to talk in a roundabout way to cover up the truth / evasive
derogatory term / expression of censure
to rehearse one's lines (of actor)
to keep silent / to make no comment
(linguistics) single-morpheme word / simple word
to combine words / word formation
excuse / pretext
loanword / pretext
determiner (in grammar, i.e. article, demonstrative, possessive pronoun, noun genitive etc)
to refute
compound word
modest word (grammar)
tautology / superfluous words
auxiliary verb; modal verb
compound word / polysyllabic word
reflexive pronoun
confession / statement / Taiwan pr. [gong1 ci2]
monosyllabic word
superfluous words / unnecessary detail
present participle (in English grammar)
collective noun (linguistics)
homophone; homonym
noun of locality (linguistics)
intransitive verb
uncountable noun (in grammar of European languages)

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