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to know / to recognize / to be familiar with / to get acquainted with sb / knowledge / understanding / awareness / cognition
knowledge / CL: 門|门 / intellectual
common sense / general knowledge / CL: 門|门
to distinguish / to discern
experienced and knowledgeable (idiom)
variant of 標誌|标志
  *识* | 识* | *识
to know / knowledge / Taiwan pr. [shi4]
  *识* | 识* | *识
to record / to write a footnote
intellectual property rights (law)
consciousness / awareness / to be aware / to realize
to learn to read
to get to know sb / to meet sb for the first time
to gain first-hand knowledge of sth / to experience for oneself / knowledge / experience / insight
identification / to identify / to recognize
knowledge base
common understanding / consensus
to get to know each other / acquaintance
general knowledge / overall knowledge / common knowledge / widely known / erudition
subconscious mind
to know what's what
speech recognition
unconscious mind / subconscious mind / subconsciousness
technical knowledge
intellectual / intelligentsia / learned person
to penetrate / to see through
to appreciate / to recognize the worth of sth / appreciation
courage and insight
scientific knowledge
erudition / scholarly knowledge
tactful / discreet
perceptual awareness
unconscious / involuntary
background knowledge / prerequisite
totally illiterate
a person with knowledge and experience (idiom)
cognition / rational knowledge
to know
to gain knowledge and experience
to recognize talent
to have a clear view of things / to adapt to circumstances
unable to tell good from bad (idiom) / undiscriminating
general education
sensitive / tactful
epistemology (in philosophy, the theory of how we know things)
Only an outstanding talent can recognize current trends (idiom). A wise man submits to circumstances.
to show no understanding of the times (idiom); cannot adapt to current circumstances / not amenable to reason
intellectual circles / intelligentsia
visionary and sagacious (idiom)
to acquire knowledge
stream of consciousness (in literature)
to be well acquainted with / to know well
lit. not to know the true face of Lushan Mountain / fig. can't see the forest for the trees
to be total strangers (idiom)
lit. don't fight, won't make friends (idiom); an exchange of blows may lead to friendship / no discord, no concord
radio-frequency identification (RFID)
can't recognize Mt Taishan (idiom); fig. not to recognize a famous person
general course / general education course / core course / general curriculum / general education curriculum / core curriculum
fail to appreciate sb's kindness / not know how to appreciate favors
moral cognition / ethical awareness
ability and insight
rational knowledge
knowledge and experience
World Intellectual Property Organization
optical character recognition, OCR
knowledge and experience
general culture
knowledge worker
1992 Consensus, statement issued after 1992 talks between PRC and Taiwan representatives, asserting that there is only one China
literacy rate
public intellectual (sometimes used derogatorily)
a dog biting Lü Dongbin (idiom) / to ill reward a person's kindness
lit. the eye cannot recognize the letter T (idiom); totally illiterate
to lower oneself to sb's level / to argue with sb less well-informed
illiterate / ignorant
knowledgeable / erudite / erudition / proficient
to show no understanding of the times (idiom); cannot adapt to current circumstances / not amenable to reason
handwriting recognition
It is a great honor to meet you.
metalinguistic awareness
to identify / to detect
identification card / ID card
lit. see a tiny bit and understand everything (idiom)
former acquaintance / old friend
an old horse knows the way (idiom); an experienced worker knows what to do / an old hand knows the ropes
treasure house of knowledge
tongue-tied for fear of embarrassment (idiom)
knowledgeable and versatile
phonetic awareness
superior judgment / sagacity
to know shame / to feel shame (often with a negative, shameless)

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