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guarantee / to guarantee / to ensure / to safeguard / to pledge / CL: 個|个
visa / to issue a visa
to inspect and verify / experimental verification / to validate (a theory) / to authenticate
to prove a point / to expound on / to demonstrate or prove (through argument) / proof
notarization / notarized / acknowledgement
to investigate / dialectical
to authenticate / to approve
Shanghai Stock Exchange (SSE), abbr. for 上海證券交易所|上海证券交易所
actual proof / concrete evidence / empirical
to do textual research / to make textual criticism / to verify by means of research (esp. historical details) / to take an exam to get a certificate (abbr. for 考取證件|考取证件)
  *证* | 证* | *证
to admonish / variant of 證|证
  *证* | 证* | *证
certificate / proof / to prove / to demonstrate / to confirm / variant of
proof / certificate / receipt / voucher
to seek proof / to seek confirmation
false testimony
to cite / to quote / to cite as evidence
to confirm; to corroborate; to verify / proof; evidence
(international trade) documentation (e.g. a bill of lading)
to check / to verify
to obtain a certificate or license etc / (esp.) to obtain a marriage certificate; to marry
to offer evidence
appraisal / verification / authentication / forensic investigation
a ticket / a pass (e.g. to enter a building)
ironclad evidence / conclusive proof
to prove; to confirm; to corroborate / convincing proof
the dead cannot testify (idiom); dead men tell no tales
evidence / proof / to confirm / corroboration
material evidence
disproof / rebuttal / reductio ad absurdum
written evidence
evidence of murder / bloodstain evidence
warrant (finance)
clear proof
circumstantial evidence
to renew a certificate (ID card etc) / to leave an ID at the desk to gain entrance
to bear witness; to testify / to serve as evidence
witness testimony
localized pain disorder (in Chinese medicine) / arthralgia syndrome / bi disorder
search warrant / to look for evidence
prenuptial agreement / dowry contract
examination of the evidence of the opposing party in a court of law
identity card / ID
marriage certificate
(Tw) traces / material evidence (archaeology, criminal investigation etc)
residence permit
a pass (authority to enter) / a laissez-passer or safe conduct
American depository receipt (ADR)
identity card / also written 身份證|身份证
driver's license
example / case in point
variant of 作證|作证
pattern-syndrome identification based on the eight principles (TCM)
license / authorization / permit
irrevocable letter of credit
human testimony and material evidence
letter of credit
library card
to call for the issue of a letter of credit (international trade)
entry visa
to reassure
birth permit
(exam) admission ticket
birth certificate / CL: 張|张
to collect evidence
Mainland Travel Permit for Taiwan Residents / Taiwan Compatriot Entry Permit / abbr. for 台灣居民來往大陸通行證|台湾居民来往大陆通行证
certificate of conformity
certificate of deposit
depository share / depository receipt (DR)
sole evidence
student identity card
residence permit
witness (in a law suit)
to verify / (math.) Q.E.D.
circular argument / logical error consisting of begging the question / Latin: petitio principii
title deeds / certificate of property ownership
to testify / to give evidence
to deliver (a diploma, license etc) / to qualify
register card
to collect evidence
temporary residence permit
proof of concept
verification / inspection
permanent residency permit
certificate of origin (CO or CoO) (commerce)
boarding pass
superficial syndrome / illness that has not attacked the vital organs of the human body
to be witness to / witness / evidence
ID badge (on a lanyard etc) (Tw)
property notarization
to investigate
digital token (loanword from "token") (neologism c. 2017)
transit visa

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