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  *讲* | 讲* | *讲
to speak / to explain / to negotiate / to emphasize / to be particular about / as far as sth is concerned / speech / lecture
lecture / to make a speech
as to / considering / for
to preach / to explain publicly
to give a lecture / to lecture on
to begin a lecture / to start on a story
to attend a lecture / to listen to a talk
keynote speech
to give a speech
to broadcast a lecture, a book reading etc
to talk nonsense / nonsense!
let alone / not to speak of (all the others)
to preach
generally speaking
keynote speech
strictly speaking
inaugural lecture
How do you mean? / How could that be the case? / How so?
to start a story
to put it in simple terms, ...
to tell anybody one happens to meet
lit. chicken speaking with duck / fig. talking without communicating / people not understanding each other

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