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communications / news story / dispatch / CL: 個|个
  *讯* | 讯* | *讯
to question / to ask / to interrogate / rapid / speedy / fast / news / information
instant messaging (IM) / instant message
telecommunications / telecom
newsletter / the news in brief / (Tw) SMS message
video (Tw)
good news / glad tidings
news / current events
to summon (a witness) / to subpoena
inquest / trial / interrogation / to try / to interrogate
interrogation under torture / inquisition
abbr. for 博訊新聞網|博讯新闻网, Boxun, US-based dissident Chinese news network
letters / mail / news / messages / correspondence
interrogation / greeting
to receive news (of)
SMS / text message
news of sb's death
(Tw) private message / to send a private message
to interrogate during investigation
to improve communications
warning sign / police call
hearing (law)
evil tidings / bad news
(wireless) reception
(Tw) (computing) near-field communication (NFC)
to bring sb to trial
(computing) near-field communication (NFC)
Zoomflight Telecom (Chinese company)
sexting / sexually explicit text message

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